You Can Do Better Than This: My Experience with SimpleTense

by Jason Kulinek

When I applied to this company, it really wasn’t that complicated. I uploaded my resume and took a 90-minute assessment. Then I got on the phone with one of their employees who explained the nature of the work and asked me a few SimpleTense questions about what I was looking for. The call took less than ten minutes. Then I read through their handbook and took a short training test. A little bit of paperwork and I was good to go. Seemed like the perfect gig, I could get paid to write and also earn money at the same time on my own time. I loved that you can set your own hours.


But that was the end of the good. I got little feedback from the admin team from day 1, which was extremely frustrating. I mean, I was writing and editing at least 10 pages a day, the least they could do would be to send me a thank you. Terminated my account all of a sudden one day. No reason or explanation why. I got this generic email saying my account could have been terminated for a variety of different reasons as yet unexplained. I’m still waiting for an explanation from them about what happened even though I followed up SimpleTense.


If you enjoy writing papers for college kids who don’t want to do it themselves then this is the job for you. Half the time the instructions barely make sense. The reviewers take until right before a deadline to tell you if you need to make changes. They advertise that you can make 3-5,000 dollars a month but they limit the amount of work you can do. There is no way you can make that kind of money. They also don’t take out any taxes from your pay so you will be responsible for paying all that come tax time.


As you can see on Indeed, there is just way too much sketchy behavior going on from this company to make it worth it. If they wanted to truly make this a worthwhile venture, they should actually support the freelancers that they work with instead of milking them like a herd of bovine. It’s really ridiculous that they would go to these levels just to make an extra dollar. And let’s face it, we all can do better than this as freelancers. There are a ton of work options available online, why go for the low-hanging fruit when small companies all around the United States are looking for SEO services to build their brand? They need it more than ever now that the pandemic has pushed everything online.


So here’s my final take. If you’re looking for a company that oversells and underdelivers, this might be a fit. If you want to get treated like an employee but still pay your own taxes, this might be a fit. Otherwise, you can do better than this. Your writing work is worth more than this SimpleTense. And this company is not worth your time, let’s avoid and set a higher standard for freelancing.

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