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X Ways to dress up for casual events

Formal and business attire are widely known for their sophistication and unparalleled finesse; these kinds of outfits are the go-to for most men who want to achieve an elegant look. However, there are times when you are just not allowed to go all out, and this is when smart-casual outfits come in. It is easy to put on a tuxedo and attend a formal event, whereas casual events demand you to wear something functional and stylish. Most men don’t fully understand the term ‘casual’ and find it tough to wear something that makes a better impression on people and lets them genuinely express themselves.

However, suppose you, too, are one of those people who are invited to a casual event and find it difficult to execute your occasional stylish outfit. In that case, you don’t need to worry anymore as we bring you ten ways you can dress up for casual events.

Wear Minimum Colors

Men often misunderstand the term casual and try to go for a more youthful look by using colors in their outfits. On many occasions, these colors turn out to be appealing and fun, but it is best to skip the use of bright and vibrant colors in some cases. To avoid things from getting problematic, you should not incorporate more than two colors in your outfit.

This way, your outfit will give away a sense of maturity to the people watching you, making you more attractive. Still, that doesn’t mean that you start dressing up like your grandfather by wearing dull colors. Some examples of neutral colors include earth tones, shades of blue, and greyscale.

Decent t-shirts

A T-shirt is the specific piece of clothing that most men bet on while following the term “casual.” The most important thing would be to get rid of your graphic t-shirts; apart from making you look funny, there’s nothing more a graphic t-shirt does to contribute to your overall style.

Instead of wearing such t-shirts, you should go for something that looks manlier. There are a variety of options, such as solid single-color t-shirts, striped t-shirts, and Henleys. Wearing polo shirts is also an exclusive option.

Casual Shirts

The plain long and half-sleeved button-up shirts are vital in helping you bring forth a sharper look in a casual event. At times these shirts look formal, but if you roll up the sleeves, open up a few buttons and pair them up with a good pair of bottoms, then the charm is unmatched.

The key is to use a few colors and experiment with tones, such as matching your shirt and your pants’ color family or using tone-on-tone where one piece of clothing is slightly darker from the other. You can also go for a neutral top and colored bottom or neutral bottom and colored top.

Good Old Jeans

One of the most versatile items of clothing that a guy can have in his wardrobe is jeans. It provides a timeless, classic look that is suitable for almost every kind of event. A quality pair of jeans would give you the perfect fit without making you feel uncomfortable.

There are different types of casual events in which you have the option of wearing countless other cuts such as slim-fit, boot-cut, flared, skinny fit, and straight. You also have a large variety of colors, but it is best to wear the standard black or blue color. Your jeans shouldn’t be too baggy or have excessive rips and faded stains while dressing up for a casual event.

Bring Alternative Bottoms into Play

Every guy’s preferred choice for casual legwear is jeans, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it is crucial to change it up every once in a while. A downside of wearing jeans is that it doesn’t have a lot of uniqueness to offer, and the good news is that it’s not your ultimate option.

An acceptable way to diversify your wardrobe when going for a casual event is by adding a pair of chinos. Jeans provide a great look with every outfit, but you get a revamped look when these outfits are paired with chinos. Chinos come in various unique colors and numerous textures, some colors that would look decent on any casual event are green, grey, burgundy, and camel.

Casual Denim Jackets

Layering up is a chic way of looking casual in cold weather. You can layer up different ways, and the most prominent one is to choose the perfect jacket that goes with your everyday outfit. The primary options in a casual coat include evergreen leather jackets, bomber jackets, and remarkable denim jackets.

Denim jackets are so versatile that they not only match with every outfit but also work well beneath overcoats; they are especially significant in transitional months when you need something subtle to keep you safe from catching a cold. You can also customize denim jackets, and custom denim jackets always breathe a new life into your attire.

These customizations can be anything from having heavy embroidery to small patches and textures despite its better to keep things simple by avoiding extensive customizations with small ones.

Classy Knitwear

Talking about winter, another thing that compliments your outfit at a casual event is a piece of fancy knitwear. It does its job by keeping you warm and offering you an intelligent natural look. Knitwear such as sweaters can be paired with button-up shirts and can also be used like crewnecks and high-neck jumpers solo.

Step Up Your Footwear Game

The problem with most men is that they often wear the wrong shoes at the wrong time, which ruins their otherwise perfect outfit. It doesn’t mean that you have to go for a pair of expensive and fancy shoes; this means that you need to wear something according to the occasion, and in most casual events, clean white sneakers give off that elegant vibe. You can also go for leather shoes if your goal is to look sharper.

Experiment with Accessories

If you think your outfit is too dull, you can spice things up by throwing in a few accessories. The best place to utilize an addition is your wrist; you can wear a simple bracelet or a watch, nothing too fancy. You can also wear hats and sunglasses depending on the time of the day, although you should keep in mind that you don’t have to try too hard.

Wear Things That Suit Your Body

One of the most significant errors that men make is wear something that isn’t made for their body type or something way more powerful than their size. Everyone’s body is different, which is why you shouldn’t take inspiration from someone who looks good in a particular outfit. To dress up for a casual event, always try what looks best on you rather than what looks good on other men.

Final Note

Trying too hard often puts you on the wrong end of fashion; a major style turn-off is men trying too hard by wearing excessive accessories or following specific fashion trends. Trends always keep changing, which is why a cue would always be to follow your gut, and if you are just an ordinary guy who is not too obsessed with fashion, you should focus on things that would look good on you in every casual event. Looking classy and elegant is way more important than following random trends.

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