Wool gloves are the best for avoiding freezing hands in winters?

Don’t worry if you always rub your hands to keep warm, or notice that your feet are colder than the rest of your body. The reason our hands and feet freeze in the winter is that our body prioritizes heat retention for our vital organs, such as the heart and lungs, which reduces blood flow to the extremities. Why arms and legs? Because these are the areas of the body where heat is lost the fastest due to cold air. These parts of the body, along with the ears, have more thermoregulatory receptors than any other part of your body, which means that they direct blood flow from the arms and legs to the body. 

Do not be tempted to pick up inexpensive gloves in the store on sale or a fashionable pair of woolen gloves for women that you like in appearance, but not in functionality. Choose a product that will really keep your hands warm. Experts suggest choosing wool or fleece gloves when you are in low temperatures or need to be outside for a long time. Heavier fleece will work better by keeping your hands warm than wet but beautiful gloves.

Frosty weather is often disturbed by frozen feet and hands, which can nullify all the joys of winter. Many people start tingling their fingers after a few minutes in the cold air, and after a while their legs and arms simply become numb.

How to warm your hands?

Leaving the warm apartment in the winter morning, we are faced with a layer of cold air. Our body, as a protective reaction, redirects most of the blood to the main organs of the body, ie the heart and lungs. This is due to the arms and legs. That is why the feet are the most vulnerable to cold. Frozen hands and feet   are the most natural phenomenon in winter.

The feeling of cold is a matter of individual inclinations. And the feeling of cold on a hot summer day is not so much surprising as disturbing. And rightly so, because an increased feeling of cold can be a symptom of a serious illness. Therefore, in case of constant feeling of cold hands,   you should see a doctor to determine the cause of the disease.

In case of congenital predisposition, the doctor may recommend therapeutic treatment. It involves taking drugs that dilate blood vessels, as well as drugs that improve peripheral circulation, available only by prescription.

Home ways to warm your hands   bring quick relief. Just put your frozen palms in cold water. Immersion of hands in warm or hot water causes pain and can lead to tissue damage as a result of so-called heat shock. Therefore, warm your hands gradually. Cold hands can be wrapped in a warm wool muffler, sweater or wear woolen gloves. Drink a glass of warm liquid, especially tea with honey or lime tea, which will warm the body from the inside.

When working on a computer, use a special mouse pad and ergonomic keyboard, which relieve the wrist from the load. A wrist bandage can also be helpful. For this reason, everyone should be armed with knowledge of methods that can be used to warm frozen hands.

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