Why you should move your Salon or Spa to an Online Booking Platform

Beauty salonsowners who haveworked through the anxiety will agree that managing bookings or appointments through an online booking platform is the most impactful benefit internet has ever offered them. Yet, severalsalons and spas rely on phone calls and walk-in customers to fill their calendars with bookings. Many hesitate to change the status quo because taking business online could seem intimidating. Running your operations through an online booking app for salon is crucial to accommodate more guests in the post-pandemic times. Here’s why it’s important to manage your bookings online.

Take your business on the go, 24/7

Manage your business from anywhere, even outside your working hours with a cloud-based salon booking app. Your receptionist need not be present at the front desk to change an appointment’s schedule based on your staff’s availability. Just by logging into your salon’s online scheduling app, you can access the schedule and change it as required. The salon software will notify your guests about schedule changes through text messages or emails. Customers can also use the online booking app to reschedule their appointments without walking into your salon each time. Moreover, customers who have the same working hours as yours will be unable to stop by your salon just to make a booking. An online booking platform puts an end to all these woes faced by your business as well as customers by accepting bookings round-the-clock.

Offer exceptional guest experience

Online booking allows you to keep an eye on who’s coming in and when. As your salon grows, it will be difficult to accommodate so many walk-ins during a busy schedule. When you know who’s due to arrive and the salon services they’re going to avail, you can make essential preparations such as readying the facial bed or arranging the essential equipment. Customize your salon booking app features to include productive breaks between each appointment. It will give you enough time to keep the floor and dressing station spick and span before the next client turns up.

Reduce administrative workload

When appointments are automatically logged into your salon booking app, your administrators can save more than a day’s work. Imagine your front desk staff attending back-to-back calls from customers seeking help to book, reschedule, or cancel their salon appointments. In between, they may have to answer customers waiting at your lounge and respond to hundreds of emails. Scheduling errors and missing key information will add to the chaos. With an online booking system, your admins can spend less time on phone and focus more on high-value tasks such as delivering an outstanding experience for customers and employees.

Manage your resources

The online booking system gives up-to-date reports on your salon’s resource usage, stock levels, highly demanded beauty products, popular services, details of appointments attended by each staff member, number of bookings handled per day, and insights on your staffing requirements. This helps you understand what will work out better on your salon floor, how to handle staff shortages, plan training programs, stock products and supplies in sufficient quantities, make arrangements for peak schedules, and ultimately keep your customers 100% satisfied.


An online booking platform is the best channel to advertise and sell your retail merchandises. Adopt an all-in-one salon management software with integrated features such as online store, multi-store management, Point of Sale (POS), BI reporting and data syncing, online payments, memberships, and loyalty programs. Even if your staff forgets to inform customers about the offers or special deals promoted by your salon, the online booking system will notify them about the extras or add-ons they can get during a service. Not only does an online booking platform increase the number of bookings your salon takes, it also offers you an excellent return on investment.

Besides simplifying scheduling, an online booking app for salon enhances the way your team works, improves your guest experience, increases your revenue, manages your inventory, and boosts the sale of your merchandises. Integrating your salon booking app with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook will improve your online traction and persuade people to inspect your services. If you haven’t started using a salon online scheduling app yet, try it now and see the difference.

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