Why We Should All Be Paying Attention to Website Accessibility – accessiBe

What is website accessibility? This means making a website accessible for those living with a disability. Of course, there are a variety of disabilities so it could include those who have mobility limitations, visual or hearing impairments or cognitive disabilities, to mention just a few. But although website accessibility is to improve things for disabled ones, it is in the interests of everyone to make sure this happens. There are benefits to everyone involved, and possibly consequences for those who aren’t. Companies, like accessiBe, are making a big difference in the world of online accessibilityto protect, primarily the disabled, but in doing so, they’re helping everyone else too. What are they doing and how is this helping?

What help is there for website accessibility?

There is fantastic software that has been developed that can make sure your website is accessible to those living with a disability. This software will scan your website for any accessibility issues and amend them there and then, correcting any potential issues quickly and efficiently. There are also people who can install the software for you if that is what you would prefer. You will then have a fully functioning, accessible website in no time.

How and who is website accessibility helping?

This is obviously focused on and primarily helping the disabled. They will have the same level of access to websites that everyone else has. If you own a website, this is essential if you do not want to be seen as discriminating against disabilities. Helping the disabled to have equal access is the right thing to do and makes a big difference to their lives.

But it will also help your business. Having an accessible website will improve your company reputation. It will open the door to many more potential clients. In fact, in the United States alone, there are approximately 61 million people with a disability of some kind. Think of how many more people could view or purchase from your site if given the opportunity. Search engines also like an accessible website, and it will automatically boost your rankings if your website is accessible. And from a legal standpoint, it will also protect you. There are laws in place to ensure that there is no discrimination within a business against anyone with a disability.

Also to consider, is that by making your website accessible, you are likely to make it a more pleasant experience for anyone visiting your site, making it very user friendly for all.

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