POSH training

Why was POSH training providing for the working women?

Everyone can say that people live in a world where both men and women are considered equal. But still, it has not completely become true when it comes to Women. Still, in day-to-day life, multiple women face harassing activities of the men, and due to this, diverse women are losing their lives and careers.

Due to this reason, women are not allowed to enter to work in another nation, and they are forced to get married younger age itself. When you think the government prohibited this kind of activity, some people are still not listening to the government rules. Because of this reason, the higher public authorities decide to execute the POSH act among especially for women.

Why is POSH training providing?

Still, it uniquely executed it for women’s safety, and multiple people were unaware of it. This act is most essentially now useful for working women. On this POSH act experts providing training the women on how to secure themselves from the harassing activities of men in the workplace. This training will not only be helpful for you in the working place, aside from there you can use this training where men were trying to take advantage of you. The posh training for employees is now given for the people who are living in overall India.

In every industry this training is now turned as a compulsory one, the awareness will be created by the members who are in this committee. The practice will be provided for the women how to fight against in every difficult situation. The emergency contact number also offers them. When you call those numbers in your needed time, they will instantly arrive and solve all your issues. As per the Indian laws, the authorities are creating awareness for harassing activities and the inappropriate behaviors of employees.

How it creates awareness?

The awareness program of POSH training India is also preparing the ICC and the HR to manage the entire question, such as

  • How to handle anonymous employee complaints?
  • What should you do if you have a complaint from the employee without evidence?
  • Should you penalize a mistaken person for not talking while in the investigation of the team?

For all these sorts of multiple questions, the HR team is preparing by the POSH training. It helps them to act in a responsible way when a challenging situation arises. It also assists them in understanding the safety measures, complaint managing tasks, and many more.

Bottom line:

By attending this program, the employees and the HR team experts are learning a lot more things. It is useful to create a huge awareness among the sexual harassments, and they are getting a clear knowledge about how to handle and secure you from the situations.

It is all one of the policies every industry should follow for the security and empowerment of their employees. Then only the working staffs can stay in peace and do their works without concerning about other issues.

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