Why I Chose to Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

I chose to study abroad because I wanted to broaden my world. I love how traveling gives you a sense of adventure, and also allows you to see how others live, think, and act. Studying abroad will give you many opportunities to make new friends (who can become like family), learn about other cultures (including your own), and gain valuable academic credits which will look great on your resume. It’s something that I’m really proud of! Even though it was hard at times, there are many upsides for studying abroad! Here are some things that made me choose this path:


Studying Abroad Will Give You New Opportunities: When students study abroad, they usually get the opportunity to travel around the country or even around the world. They have more time outside of their classes because they have no homework or tests during their trip(s). This means more time for exploring different parts of the area where they’re staying. Studying Abroad Allows You To Make New Friends: Studying abroad is so much fun! From day one until graduation day, it’s always exciting! There are so many events that take place especially for exchange students such as parties or trips with other people from your program/school/exchange program agency. I took a gap year after high school, and I decided to study abroad. This made me very lucky because I got to make friends from different countries or even cities. These are people who will be with you forever, which is why it’s important to choose the right program for you! Studying Abroad Is A Great Way To Get Experience For Your Future: When students study abroad they get real-world experience which will help them in their future careers. Exchange students should always try their best because they can always use these experiences on their resumes. Studying Abroad Helps You See How Others Live: Students who travel learn about other cultures, including their own culture should they live in the same place as before (because exchange programs usually have a homestay). They are able to see how other people live! Studying abroad helps you gain so much more knowledge about other cultures!


Studying Abroad Has Its Ups And Downs… But The Good Outweighs The Bad

There are so many upsides of studying abroad… But there are also some downsides that come along with it too. If someone else were writing this post, then I’m sure that there would be more bad things listed than good things listed above 😉 It’s just human nature for us to focus on the negatives rather than positives when we’re writing something. I’m not saying that the negatives are worse than positives, but it’s just that there are more positive things about studying abroad than there are negative things. That’s why I wanted to write this post! To prove this theory.


Spending Time With Friends From All Over The World

Studying abroad will allow you to meet so many new people from all over the world, and different backgrounds too. Having friends from other countries can be really exciting because they have different customs and cultural values that might be similar or different from your own culture. You’ll get to learn about their country through your friends, which will make you feel connected with them even though you’re thousands of miles away! Being Able To Experience Different Cultures: One of my favorite parts of studying abroad was being able to experience other cultures first hand. There are so many cultures out there for us to learn about, and it’s important for us as humans to try our best at learning these traditions too because doing so can bring us closer together as a human race! Learning About Yourself Through Others: Studying abroad also taught me a lot about myself, mostly by observing others’ behaviors.


Studying Abroad Changed My Life!

I hope you enjoyed my list of why studying abroad is so much fun! I’ve been so lucky to study abroad, and I hope you get the chance to do it too if you’re a student. Have a great day!


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