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Why Flutter App development is an advanced step in any Business Growth?

Flutter is an open-source framework developed by Google, a well-known search engine. Open source is something like “source code is open to the public”, and a framework is like “a collection of source code that has some useful features from the beginning”. It is mostly used to construct cross-platform applications for Android and iOS (also known as multiplatform). This cross-platform is Flutter’s largest feature and is made up of a single compilation concept that supports apps both on Android and on iOS platforms. It’s a success, and it’s no overstatement to say the engineers opened the door to a new age.

Hybrid development is possible

There are two types of smartphone apps that we usually use. One of which is used in iPhone iOS apps and the other is Android Apps. Originally, when developing a smartphone app, it is necessary to develop each of the two types of apps. Specifically, if it is an iOS application, it is necessary to develop it using programming languages ​​such as Swift and if it is an Android application then Kotlin.

However, to develop one app, you have to make each in two programming languages, which is a lot of work. Because it simply takes twice as much work as making it in one programming language, right? That’s where Flutter app development company India comes in. Flutter has a function that converts the program code once developed so that it corresponds to each application of iOS and Android. In other words, the development itself only needs to be done once.

If you read the explanations so far, you will be able to fully understand how great this is. One of the great advantages of Flutter is that it can be used for hybrid development. Now that you have fully understood the benefits of Flutter, let’s take a look at what kind of programming language Flutter is.

What is Dart in the first place?

Flutter is developed using a programming language called Dart, which was originally developed by Google. The Dart itself is said to be similar to JavaScript and Java.

The Dart language itself was announced by Google in 2011. At that time, Google was energetically developing with the aim of becoming an alternative language to the JavaScript language, but with the emergence of other influential alternative languages ​​along the way, it was content with the so-called non-sounding position. However, major improvements were made in February 2018, and finally, version 1 of Flutter was officially released in December 2018, which continues to this day.

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Advantages of Flutter app

So what exactly can Flutter do? I will explain it together with the merits that I will introduce from now on.

  • Reduced development man-hours
  • Since Android / iOS app Development Company in India can be done in one construction, development man-hours can be reduced.
  • No third-party library is required, and it is completed with the library in Flutter. Because it can be done, efficiency in team development involving multiple engineers can be improved (who is using which library is not distributed)
  • It supports a wide range of widgets, rendering, animations, and gestures, and is rich and flexible. Projects that require a high UI can be implemented relatively easily
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