Where Do I Place My Linksys Extender?

To improve the wireless connectivity of your Linksys extender, place it in an area where you are getting strong wireless signals from your router. A strong wireless signals between your Linksys range extender and your router is needed to get better connectivity for devices that will connect to your extender’s WiFi network.

This post will make you familiar with some tips that you must take care while placing your Linksys WiFi range extender. Keep reading to know more!


The Center Location

The center location in your home is the best place for your Linksys WiFi range extender. But, make sure to keep your Linksys extender in reach of your router.


Avoid Signal Interference

As discussed earlier, the center location in your home is best place for your Linksys extender. But, you must keep it away from the range of your neighboring WiFi network. Doing so will improve your internet speed and let you access extender.linksys.com or any other website without any error popups.

Extender.linksys.com is the Linksys extender’s default web address that let you change the extender’s setting and configure it without any hassle.


Keep Your Linksys Extender In A Ventilated Area

Yes, you read it right! Keeping your Linksys extender in a ventilated area will avoid over heating of the device. It is strictly recommended – do not keep your Linksys extender in a non-ventilated room where is no space for air to come in and go out. Doing so will keep your Linksys extender cool.


Switch Off Your Linksys Extender

If the power adapter of your Linksys extender is over heated, then it is recommended to unplug it immediately. Do not plug in the power adapter until and unless the power adapter of your Linksys extender cools down completely.


Do Not Cover Your Linksys Extender

You can clean your Linksys extender with a dry piece of cloth but you can’t cover it. If you cover your Linksys extender, it will produce heat. Also, it is suggested – do not place anything beneath your Linksys extender. Your Linksys extender should only be placed on a clean and cool surface.


Choose a Higher Location For Your Linksys Extender

A higher and open location in your home for your Linksys extender will let you enjoy the internet to the fullest even in those areas where WiFi was never expected. You can place your Linksys extender on a higher location but you can’t keep it much closer to fall ceilings or roof.

Test your internet connection– Once you place your Linksys extender keeping this tip in mind, we suggest you access the Linksys range extender login page using extender.linksys.com.


Adjust the Antennas

According to the size of your home, you must adjust the antennas of your Linksys extender accordingly. If your Linksys extender doesn’t have any antennas, then we suggest to add one. Omni directional antenna is the best to get WiFi coverage all over your house.


Do not Place Your Linksys Extender in a Congested Area

To get the internet range everywhere in your house without signal drop, we suggest – do not keep your Linksys extender in a corner, under a table, inside a cabinet or near to thick walls and windows. Doing so will help you get better WiFi everywhere.


Bonus Tip

Placement of your Linksys range extender is important but updating its firmware on a regular basis will help you enjoy advance features of the device to the fullest. To update the firmware, simply navigate to Linksys WiFi extender login page using extender.linksys.com.


In a Nutshell

Here’s to hope that this post have helped you out to choose the best placement for your Linksys WiFi range extender. In case of more help, contact our technical executives now.

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