Steel doors in Kenya

What you need to understand about Steel doors in Kenya

Are you in the market for steel doors? Do you know what steel door you should get for your property? If the answer is yes and no, respectively, then this article is for you. We will take a thorough analysis into the steel door industry and show you the tips you require when selecting the best steel door in Kenya for you.

A brief description of steel doors

Steel doors in Kenya have in the recent past seen an increase in sales. I relate the reason for this to security. The security situation in Kenya has sharply declined with decreased job opportunities for the youth and an increase in layoffs because of a deteriorating economic environment.


Steel doors have seen an increased demand for steel security doors in Kenya. With this growth, there has been a jump in the creativity and design of the steel doors. They fit these steel doors with features that are marketed as burglar-proof. We need to understand that steel is not a naturally occurring element, and it is a mixture of iron and carbon.

Some features related to steel doors in Kenya are;

  • Hidden hinges during installation. They install the hinges to deter breaking them to gain access to your home or business premises.
  • They fit the steel doors with upper and lower reinforcing locking mechanisms. To increase the resistance when pounded from outside.
  • A multi bolted door lock. The door locks help distribute pressure across the door, increasing resistance.
  • The steel doors are heavy because of the materials used in creating a secure door. This material makes it difficult to cut through the door.

What benefits will you get when adding steel doors t your business or home?

It is highly durable

The steel doors are a product made to last. They do not break or dent easily when hit. The steel front frame and the heavy, durable hidden hinges ensure that pressure is distributed equally through the door to ensure durability. They also make steel doors in Kenya to resist extreme weather such as sun and rain.

Steel doors are energy efficient

Steel doors help regulate the temperature of your home or business premises. They help regulate weather elements such as extreme heat or cold, making the home’s interior more comfortable.


Steel doors made in Kenya improve the appeal of your house when they are well made and installed properly. You can custom make steel doors from local artisans around the country or choose from a selection of imported doors.

How do you choose a steel door in Kenya?

When shopping around for steel doors, you need to consider certain factors to get quality steel doors.


Precision is the quality of the fit of the door. When buying a steel door, you need to take the measurements of your door space and buy a door or custom make a door that will fit perfectly into the space to avoid leaving spaces used to breach the door.


Doors do not need to be plain. Most people think steel doors are plain. However, you can choose the design from the manufacturer or the artisan when making your purchase. Ready-made steel doors can come with a PVC outer layer that mimics the aesthetics and feel of wood. Artisans can also incorporate beautiful designs into custom steel doors.

Door Frame

Any good steel door in Kenya should come with a frame. The frame seals the door areas and gives the door a seamless fit. The frame should be strong when fitted to the door and disperse pressure around the door.

Hinges, door handles, and lock mechanism

Steel door hinges should be heavy and hidden when fitted. Weak hinges will ensure your door is easily breakable. Your door handle and lock mechanisms should work in a way that they disperse pressure and disallow access to your home or business premises.


You can get a variety of steel doors in Kenya. It would be best if you made the right choice before you purchase. I have given this short guide to your security door needs, but a purchase of this magnitude requires in-depth research.

I hope this article has given you an impressive start to choosing the best steel door in Kenya.

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