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What kind of mules matches your outfit – formal and casual mules to stand out among your peers

Mules have dominated the fashion of late, which leaves the question of which kind of women’s mules are the best to wear to match your outfit. Whatever kind of mules there are in the market, it is every girl who owns a pair. The mules are simple yet elegant shoes you can wear anywhere in any season.

Mules are among the fashion women’s shoes that have been a fashion trend for decades and still are because they are versatile without forgetting you slip-on mules and get going. However, today people are more concerned with matching what they wear, leading to the question : what kind of mules match your outfit? I’ll explore differently designed mules and from there can choose which design suits your outfit.

It is prudent to start from the basics if it is your first time to hear about mules. First, I’ll share with you what mules are and the two basic kinds of mules you will find in the market no matter the design.

What is a Mule Shoe?

A mule is a type of shoe with no back or restriction around the heel of the foot. Mules have a long history dating back to Ancient Rome, yet they did not become popular until the fifteenth century in Europe.

Mules were considered bedroom slippers but were not worn in public. However, not the case; today, people can today wear them in public, and it is no longer bedroom slippers but boudoir shoes that can be worn at any event anytime. Moreso, several of their different kinds of mules in the market compared to some years back. Furthermore, the appearance and design of the mules have evolved over the years.

At the basic level, there are the major kinds of mules, either flat mules or heeled mules.

Flat mules

Flat mules are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable footwear designs to wear. They’re easy to put on and take off, making them great for languid summer days spent in the garden or by the pool.

Heeled mules

If you love heeled shoes, then heeled mules are there in the market for you. They provide support for the insole and a lot of coverage for the top of the foot. With its simple, clean aesthetic and simplicity of wear, the block-heel mule is a popular choice. Furthermore, a wedge mule with a platform sole is an excellent technique to make your legs appear longer.

What kind of mules match your outfit?

Besides the two major kinds of mules, there are other different designs in the market you can buy to match your outfit. The demand for mules has led to several designs in the market to suit everyone’s preferences. Whether you want mules to wear at work or for any informal event, there are mules shoes for you.

Additionally, mules go along with any outfit, whether a skirt, dress, trousers, tights, or shorts. Without forgetting, mules are all-season footwear. Below are the kinds of mules you can buy to match your outfit.


The wedge mules are centered on elegance, and they’re designed featuring point-toe style and soft padded footbeds for a comfy night. They’re ideal for work edits or dancing the night away at beautiful evening events or parties.

They’re excellent shoes for your next party, and you can match with a midi dress outfit or combine them with pieces for a contemporary weekday edit to add a hint of classiness and refinement, thanks to their slender heel and elegant pointed toe.


If you love classic shoes, then these mules are right for you. They undoubtedly improve your style by leaps and bounds. These remarkable masterpieces, which have elaborate floral embroidery detailing and are encrusted with sparkling crystals, break the conventions of luxurious fashion and elevate your entire ensemble to a new level of refinement. You can match the embroidered pointy-toe mules with a plain outfit with an opulent tone.


The heel pointed penny loafer mules are made of genuine leather, making them adorable mule yet long-lasting shoes. The vamp of these pointed-toe mules is adorned with a logo-engraved medallion, which sits atop a gold-tone decorative heel. The mules can match perfectly with work outfits and include tapered tweed pants to complete the androgyny look.


These mules have a lot of scoring and feature a classic design. They’re also made from genuine cowhide leather and are comfortable yet classy.  The best outfit to match with these mules is a work outfit or going for a weekend out. They are classy mules with a gold-tone chain trim over the vamp.


These mules are made up of sophisticated leather, and it is a must-have to boost your working classic. The upper is made of cowhide leather, with a padded insole for increased comfort and a laced-up minimalist style. You can match the mules with tapered trousers for a smart-casual look.


If you like mules, these backless mules are a must-have in your closet. It’s a sleek pair with a crisp round toe, and gold twisted metal buckle hardware made of lambskin leather. They match with any outfit because they are comfortable to wear all day and for any event because they are padded with a soft leather insole.


You will love these mules as they will give a chic yet modern outlook. They are made of soft lambskin leather and feature a cushioned footbed for added comfort. Additionally, they are finished with an eyelet strap for a more formal look. The best outfit to match with these mules is any casual outfit, and you can pair it with a little dress or fitted separates for a more formal approach.


The crystal buckle mules are comfortable, elegant, yet adaptable mules. They are fashionable mules and will give you confidence, and everyone will notice them. They are made up of high-shine patent leather and crystal-encrusted clasp. The best outfit you match with these mules is either work or any other special occasion outfit.


If you would like to wear another shoe and still maintain your fashion style, crystal-embellished pointy toe leather mules will serve the purpose. These mules look extra stylish these stylish mules, which are carefully created with lambskin leather and feature a soft padded footbed for increased comfort.

These mules can seamlessly transcend any outfit and boost your style from party dresses to beach cover-ups, thanks to the rolls of glittering encrusted crystals on the top that impart an obvious spark of elegance.


These mules go along well with work outfits or date outfits. They are the right mules to wear, especially when you know you’ll dance. These mules’ flats are comfy shoes to give you elegant evening events or parties, and they’re fashioned in glossy patent leather with a sleek point-toe style and plush padded footbeds for a comfortable night.

They’re excellent for your next party, with a dazzling crystal-embellished strap that catches the light. Slip them on with a midi dress or combine them with pieces for a modern weekday edit to add a hint of classiness and refinement, thanks to their slender heel and elegant pointed toe.


These elegant mules combine luxury with comfort. Slip-on style fur-lined mules keep your feet warm, whereas the plush padded footbed gives much-needed comfort as you step into winter.  You can match these mules with denim and sweater outfits and can include a furry coat for a sophisticated touch or a pleated midi skirt for a feminine flair.


These mules feature buckled straps that cross over at the vamp. The ideal fashion outfit to match these mules is either work or casual outfit. They add a charming eccentric touch to outfit style thanks to its lamb suede construction, open-back design, and narrow square toe front for a classy style.


These mules’ loafers are a must-have for the season. This sleek pair, made of calf leather and featuring the signature gold-tone horse-bit hardware, puts a feminine spin on a usually masculine style. They’re finished with a comfy low heel and a leather cushion, making them ideal for all-day use. You can match these mules with any dress, depending on the occasion.


These slip on mules will add a splash of color to your look. These loafer-inspired mules are made of smooth calf leather and have a tapered toe and golden horse-bit decoration.  They match best with a work-to-evening outfit.


As you can see, there are mules in the market to match your outfit. If you go shopping for any of the above mules, it is prudent to ensure the shoe fits you well such that it will not slip or fall off. Also, ensure they are not too tight as it can cause rubbing and blisters.

All these kinds of mules mentioned come in different sizes hence you should buy comfy mules which you can wear for long hours and easily walk in them without struggling to keep balance. If you have tiny feet, narrow-fitting mules will provide greater support for your toes while also preventing the shoes from slipping off. Try normal or wide-fit alternatives if your feet are wide.

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