Traffic signs

What is the Purpose of Traffic Signs?

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It is a known fact in most cities today that traffic signs can be tricky to interpret and understand. This is especially true for those who are not familiar with the English alphabet, like international travellers and the elderly. While the signs and symbols do look alike at first glance, they do have subtle differences that may not be immediately visible. To help foreign visitors and those with low literacy skills, here is a list of traffic signs you may encounter while traveling in your state.

Maintain a Safe Flow of Traffic

Traffic signs are the simplest and most effective of all traffic control devices. Since they are installed in areas that are highly visible, they quickly become the traffic engineer’s best friend. But on the other hand, they can be just as detrimental as they can cause safety issues. In fact, one of the most important functions of a traffic sign is to warn drivers and pedestrians of a hazard in their path. That’s why we chose the terms “flow of traffic” and “flow of pedestrians”. In principle, these could be the same sign, but in practice, there are many differences.

Keep Pedestrians and Vehicles Safe

Pedestrians and vehicles are often seen as a collision course, but they are not. Drivers need to slow down when approaching pedestrians in an attempt to slow down for a longer distance to avoid a collision. It is also important that pedestrians do not cross a road at an unsafe location, as they can be injured while doing so.

Command Attention

Traffic signs used to direct and control the actions of road users. It is usually mounted on the road to make sure that road users obey traffic laws and are not causing an obstruction to the traffic flow.

Give Adequate Time for Proper Response

Traffic signs are designed to inform drivers in two ways: verbally and visually. Visually, signs are placed at all major intersections to help drivers move through intersections more safely. These signs include arrows, stop signs and stop lines. The only major intersection that does not have a stop sign is the intersection of two one-way streets. On one-way streets, signs are placed to inform drivers that they must turn from the street they are traveling on to the other street.

Guide You to Your Destination

Being a tourist is a great experience, but it can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Summer is a wonderful time to take a vacation, but if you don’t know how to get around, you can end up lost, confused, and frustrated. The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to understand how to get around in different cities.

Final Words

As you drive to work or school, you often need to follow traffic signs to navigate around traffic jams. It is important to know that not every road sign is intended for you to use. There are some signs that you should avoid at all costs, others you can interpret wrongly. Take the traffic signs parked here in the blog, and figure out what they mean.