What is the difference between 40k and 80k cavitation?

80K cavitation machine vs. 40K cavity

Cavitation machines come in a variety of frequencies. So does a beauty machine mean 40K, 60Kor 80K? For example, a 40K cavitation machine shows that the head emits 40,000 cycles per second. This means that 40,000 waves per second hit the fat cells. Great, the next question comes to mind, is an 80k cavity better than a 40K cavity machine? it depends. Some fat cells can rupture at 40K, but not at 80K. Other fat cells explode at 80K, but not at 40K.

Cavitation machines can do 

Modern cavitation machines have many features, not just cavities. For example, some cavitation machines have multiple frequencies. 80K, 40K, 60K. Other cavity machines support laser pads. Such a device with a laser pad is more valuable because it processes two in one-shots. In addition, there are cavitation machines that support cold sculpting.

80K Cavitation RF Ultrasonic Liposuction Machine

The 80k cavitation machine uses a fat blast to remove excess fat. Mutual vibration and friction between adipocytes up to 80000 Hz are expressed using an ultrasonic probe.

Of course, this effect produces heat and causes fat cells to explode.

This machine has a powerful description of its features.

80K Blast Fat Probe, Vacuum

Bipolar RF liposuction probe

Multi-pole RF probe

RF probes on the face can beautify different parts of the body.

Multifunctional Lipo Laser 40K Vacuum Fat Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Weight Loss Body Slimming Beauty Equipment

Equipped with this amazing machine

40k cavity

Cool sculpture

And the laser pad,

This is the perfect solution for spaghetti.

This makes it the perfect solution for spaghetti.


Laser wavelength 650nm maximum output

450W single output

The number of 50mW diodes is 6 × 9 + 2 × 3 = 60 diodes

Suitable for any skin type and skin color!

Timer 30 minutes Maximum output 1Hz ~ 1000Hz

1MHz multi-pole 5MHz with adjustable cavitation 40Khz vacuum

Power supply 350W Voltage 110AVC ~ 240VAC

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Not all cavities are one. When buying a cavitation machine, you may ask yourself: which type of cavity is better? 40k or 80k? What does this number really mean? You’re not alone, so you won’t feel sick. These numbers show how powerful the machine works in cycles per second. However, just because a number is large does not mean that it is so good. Many believe that 80k machines are somehow good, but the numbers aren’t really for competitive services. Some people’s bodies are more responsive at 40k than at 80k. Some people prefer 80k because the sound waves in the inner ear are not very loud. Both methods provide sufficient ultrasonic effects to destroy fat cells without damaging the skin or anything else.

Does lumbuy produce different types of cavities?

40kHz or 80kHz long can cavity.  This is advantageous as some clients prefer 80k over 40k due to noise levels. Having separate handles for both methods allows you to modify the methods based on the needs of the client. Other machines are often of the same type, and if you don’t like the sound above 80k or 40k, your client base may be limited.

Why does the cavitation system sound different?

The main reason for the different sounds of the inner ear is that they operate twice as fast as each other. The 40k cavity works at 40,000 cycles per second. In other words, sound waves process fat cells in that rhythm. This means that you are receiving twice as much ultrasound as 80k, or twice as much. However, fat varies from person to person, and some fat cells may rupture at 40k and may not rupture at 80k. It all depends on the composition of your body. Long is designed to meet the needs of each patient and achieve maximum results. The combination of methods that your anesthesiologist can help you find gives the best results for your body shape.

What helps the cavities work well?

Reduces long fats and keeps your skin from becoming as tight as it used to be. To treat this, each machine included a high-frequency skin tightening treatment. It helps your body make more and more strong collagen fibers to tighten the skin. how? Radiofrequency or RF is a type of energy that penetrates the layers of the skin painlessly. It may feel hot, but deep inside the tissue, it rejuvenates and tightens the skin. After one treatment, you will see important results. After a series of treatments, the results are very noticeable and will last for years, if not months.

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