Ways to Choose the Dental Compressor for your Dental Clinic

All places which provide dental healthcare Endeavour to create the best environment for their patients as well as their dentists. They depend on the right air compressors to provide comfortable services to their patients. Even then, buying new air compressors is an important decision and requires a selective attitude and a thoughtful screening process. For this decision to be made, it is important to note down, observe and compare all the features of dental air compressors available in the market and make the right and informed decision.

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration while buying the right dental compressor for your dental practice. The first one is power. This is because most dental offices have the requirement where the dental air compressors have to operate between one and five horsepower for the efficient working of the equipment. The second important factor is production. You have to see that the feature of the dental air compressor is more than your place’s required cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per minute (LPM) ratings. This needs to be done to ensure that the dental air compressor can handle all the equipment at your place as well as work with additional types of equipment if necessary. The third important factor is pressure. Every dental tool amounts to a certain amount of pressure to run efficiently and your dental air compressor should be able to provide enough pressure for the easy and safe operation of all your tools together.

Certain points which need to be considered when choosing a dental air compressor have been discussed here for your reference.


The size of your practice as well as the size of your dental air compressor needs to be taken into consideration before buying a dental air compressor. Usually, dental air compressors measure the output in either of the following ways: Cubic feet per minute (CFM) or Liters per minute (LPM). This is an important factor and needs to be taken into consideration.

Use of Oil

Using oil-free dental air compressors is beneficial for most oral healthcare environments. This is because oil-based dental air compressors can contaminate the nearby fluids, and can further harm the patient’s wellbeing. Further, oil-free air compressors need less maintenance. This is because they work with substances that are less volatile in nature. This major factor needs to be taken into consideration to get the right dental equipment.


This is another imperative point that needs to be mentioned to make the right decision on the purchase. Since all dental air compressors run on motors, this factor needs to be taken into consideration. Also, depending on the model, the dental air compressor has one or two pistons.


Every dental equipment has specific pressure requirements. While most of them measure their pressure requirements in bars, where one bar is equal to ~14.5 psi each. Most dental applications use pressures of 5 bars. However, for the safety of your equipment, it’s usually a good idea to generate slightly more pressure than each tool requires. These calculations and numbers need to observed and tallied before taking the decision.


The dental air compressors usually rate power output either in kilowatts (kW) or horsepower (HP) where1 kW is equal to 1.34 HP.

This power range determines the capacity of the dental air compressor to pump air. While dental air compressors are available in a wide range of power ratings, for most dental offices, the air compressors with 1–5 HP (~0.75–3.7 kW) is suitable for comfortable working. Hence, it is important to take into factor these features of the dental air compressors before making the purchase.

Therefore, given that it is imperative for a place providing dental healthcare to have a good and efficient dental air compressor, it is crucial for you to order the best dental air compressor available in the market. These multiple points need to be taken into strong consideration for this decision to be made. Further, the products need to be analyzed to check whether they are suitable for your place of practice or not, and then, the order needs to be placed for a comfortable dentistry practice for you as well as a comfortable dental care experience for your patients.

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