Types of boxing gloves

Types of boxing gloves for Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Semi Contact Sports

Choosing a perfect pair of boxing gloves is every fighter’s top priority. The vibrant colors, the smell of new leather, the comfortable fit, and the goosebumps you get the first time trying on a new pair of gloves, all of this and much more should be under your consideration when you buy boxing gloves. 

Gloves in combat sport go way back to ancient Greece, from there and today; they have evolved at lightning speed to become  Boxing’s tools of the trade. 

Infinitude Fight will walk you through your selection process and explain different types of boxing gloves, so let’s start.

First of all, let’s talk a bit about: 

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves have been used for combat sports for centuries, and some would argue that the earliest depictions of the gloves go back to 2000 BC where ancient Egyptians were seen using a band supporting the wrists. The earlier ones bear little to no resemblance to the variants we have today. 

The gloves are used in combative and competitive sports to protect both the wearer and the opponent/partner. Not only do they offer you comfort, but they are carefully designed to deflect injuries. 

How many types of gloves are there? – Plenty, so let’s discuss a few below: 

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai as a sport is entirely different from boxing, and its specific gloves were also developed keeping that in mind. Muay Thai gloves target kickboxers more, as they need a multipurpose type of glove. 

Thailand boasts a massive number of glove manufacturers and brands specializing in various features of the gloves. Nevertheless, all of them focus primarily on a more distributed foam padding, aiming to offer: 

  1. Improved protection to the backside of the hands
  2. Increased flexibility in the grip to let the palm open easily and catch kicks. 

For this purpose, it is pretty rare for manufacturers to introduce added padding down the side of the palm too. 

A few people only prefer the shape of Muay Thai gloves, while some do not at all. Still, it is good to keep the distinct features in mind, features that make variants better suited for Muay Thai and Kickboxing. 

Types of Boxing Gloves

There are plenty of types of gloves; however, there are a few variants you should be familiar with. Our experts have prepared a quick breakdown of some of the types to allow you to make an informed decision when you buy boxing gloves

Some of these gloves are inclined to have more specific uses and are primarily unsuitable in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing. 

Traditional Bag Gloves 

Traditional bag gloves are a smaller alternative to mainstream boxing gloves, and these also come with limited protection. Traditional bag gloves do not have many protective features and properties of full-fledged boxing gloves. 

Most gyms also won’t let you train with these variants; however, they are still available with many retailers and mostly come free with a bundle buy of punching bags. 

Our experts suggest staying entirely away from these if you can. The shape of traditional bag gloves is standard, with almost no wrist support and minimum padding. 

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MMA Gloves

The MMA gloves have evolved explicitly for Mixed Martial Arts. While these are not boxing gloves in a technical sense but they are used for a similar purpose. Unlike other gloves, MMA gloves are fingerless, and for more straightforward grappling, come with an open palm. 

If you want to train with boxing or Muay Thai, you don’t need these gloves at all. 

Semi-Contact Gloves

Semi contact gloves such as Taekwondo gloves or Karate gloves are some other types of boxing gloves. Again, these are not for Muay Thai or boxing. 

Semi contact gloves are a mid-point between MMA gloves and boxing gloves. The padding in these variants is minimal and occasionally made from dipped foam. These variants are solely used for semi-contact sports, and they can pass without offering adequate protection in contrast to boxing gloves

Can’t make up your mind and need help with your selection? Below are some questions which will help you choose the right gloves: 

  1. What is your intended use of the gloves – training or competition? 
  2. Will you use these for a specific sport where you need to catch or block kicks? 
  3. Considering the boxing gloves price factors, will you be getting separate pairs for each intended use? Or are you looking to buy all-around gloves? 

Answering these questions and referring to the information above, you should be able to make a  decision. Not only that, with these steps, you will be able to decide on the type of gloves you need. 

However, if you have further queries or questions, reach out to your trainer for assistance.

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