Servet Duran

Turkish Singer Servet Duran is All Set to Surprise His Fans with His Upcoming Single ‘Bijjouwzijn’

Servet Duran, a well-known Turkish singer based out of Belgium, is all set to surprise his fans with a Dutch hip-hop track. The song, which is called ‘Bijjouwzijn’ will enable the artist to reach out to a bigger global audience and present them with the diversity of culture and musical styles.

The artist originally hails from Turkey and was born in 1983. His family migrated to Belgium when he was about 5 years of age. He developed a deep connection with Turkish culture and its musical richness from the time he was very young. Over the years, he worked extensively to transform his passion into a successful profession. He expanded his creative canvas and exposure by often collaborating with various artists, music labels, and producers that brought him more first-hand experience.

He came out with his debut album in 2011 and there has been no looking back since.  Some of his most notable tracks include ‘SEVDIM SENI’, ‘HERSEYIMSIN’, ‘SEYTAN KIZ’’.  His career took shape furthermore as he continued releasing singles and also partook in various major music projects. He is also prolific in the world of films.

‘Bijjouwzijn’ is written and composed by the artist himself. The song is mixed by Morocco-based Meed productions. It is set to release on the 26th of March.

Servet Duran’s music is a beautiful blend of cultural, creative, and musical diversities as he promotes modern-day production styles alongside his Turkish strains. Overall, his soundscape is one that brings together the global audience into one linear stream. For more information about the artist and his latest releases, follow him on the social media platforms of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Visit his official website at to know more about his work.

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