Top tips to apply for Canada immigration from UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an important source country of the new Canadian permanent residents because of the increasing number of nationals immigrating to Canada. But still, the UAE nationals to immigrate to Canada are quite low in number in comparison to the other nationalities. Residents of UAE receive the fifth most express entries as per the year 1019 and there are several kinds of options which are existing for the UAE residents looking to immigrate to Canada. Even during the crisis period, Canada continues to bring in new permanent residents who have qualified for different kinds of restrictions and formalities.


 Following are some of the very basic things which people need to know about immigration to Canada with the help of the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada:


 Following are the very basic options for immediate entry into Canada from UAE:


  • Federal economic class
  • Quebec immigration
  • Business immigration including the start of the Visa program
  • Provincial economic class
  • Temporary residence first and then transition to permanent
  • Family class sponsorship


 For fulfilling all the above-mentioned points it is very much important for the concerned people to go with the option of the professionals in the field with the help of immigration consultants and following are some of the very basic points of guide that will allow the people to choose the right kind of consultant:


  1. It is advisable to choose that particular consultant who is authorised by the Canadian government and is registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. The certificate of authorisation and valid photo ID card should be there along with the license number which is the thing to be checked out.
  2. The consultant must always come with several kinds of a wide range of solutions and make sure that all the clients can get a good prospect of success because the consultant will provide a complete outline to the clients that will be further explained to ensure that they can achieve their goals as per the personalised roadmap.
  3. The Canadian job market must be very much aware of the consultant so that he or she can suggest the right kind of things to the clients. Another very important element of the immigration process is to identify the occupational codes and ensure how the work experience will match the essential formalities of the Canadian code because failure to do this correctly can lead to rejection of the application. So, the people should have the qualifications and experience is assessed by a designated third party who will be performing the assessment check in comparison to the Canadian standards.
  4. The consultant must be highly aware of the changes and updates into the immigration process because studying and understanding the laws as well as regulations is further very much important to ensure success in this particular area.


 Hence, it is highly advisable to go with a particular type of immigration consultant who has proper access to a specialised team of people so that they efficiently help the clients to migrate to Canada from Dubai without any kind of hassle in the whole process.




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