Ginny and Georgia

Top Entertainment Content to Binge-Watch Now


There are many streaming services present worldwide that many people use to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. People can use these services on the web, on TVs, and even on their mobile phones. On popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Roku, people can watch content simply by subscribing to a suitable package. Apart from this they only require a subscription to internet packages such as Spectrum internet packages.

It is wise to subscribe to a streaming platform to binge-watch good movies. The reason is that a majority of the people are working from home. After work, they have nothing to do. During this time, a good TV show can allow them to get rid of some stress. On the weekends, they can binge-watch these quality shows. Some of the best movies streaming on popular platforms are below.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Joe Berlinger is the director of this documentary series that discusses crimes taking place at infamous locations. The director has a very critical approach and presents the criminal activity in this series keeping viewers in awe. The crimes take place at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles and the cinematography is of superb quality. Additionally, the acting of the cast is superb and you will find the scenarios puzzling and interesting.

Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio

This is a very interesting story that will definitely keep your interest piqued throughout the movie.  It provides a lot of motivational content to viewers and talks about life in general. The movie is about Jenna who is trying to become famous. An autobiography, this movie has the same name as the book written by Jenna. When you watch this movie, you will be able to appreciate the different challenges women have to face. They have to be loving mothers, caring daughters, friendly sisters, and productive employees at the same time.


Cocomelon brings a lot of fun playfulness and entertainment to homes. For the viewers, it is a musical series or Content that provides quality pastimes for kids and elders alike. The entire family can simply sit down and watch the show together. They can listen and sing along to nursery rhymes. Shows such as Cocomelon allow families to come closer and have quality time together.

Firefly Lane

History books are filled with instances when friends have sacrificed more than what their family members can. Without the existence of any blood relations, good friends can go to any extreme to help each other. This movie is based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same name. It is about the friendship of two individuals. They face many tough challenges together. Watch the show to appreciate their struggle as they laugh, cry, and fight in different circumstances. Once the difficult time is over, their friendship further strengthens.

Ginny and Georgia

Ginny Miller is just 15 years old and going through a tough time in her life. She wants to settle down with her mother. And she wants to do the same. However, Ginny’s mother has a past that she can’t easily escape. There are people on the lookout for her due to her involvement in criminal activities in the past. Ginny is young but mature and becomes the solid rock of her mother. The love between the mother and daughter is a treat to watch. Not only do they fight with each other, but also stand up for each other. It’s a show you should watch with your growing daughter. The show effectively showcases the power and strength when a family sticks together.

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan

If you are a fan of history shows and documentaries then this title will be an instant favorite for you. This movie is about feudal Japan and the power struggle taking place between different warlords. You will see the politics and monopoly taking place between the different kingdoms to establish themselves as the supreme power in the country.


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