Top 7 Modern Kitchen Colors 2021

Top 7 Modern Kitchen Colors 2021

Well, picking the kitchen color is less stressful and more fun. With all the options you have in the market, go for the most trending colors of 2021. We are halfway through this year, but the cabinet colors are advancing day by day. You will find a vast range of blues, greens, whites, and grays. Forevermark cabinetry prices allow you to get any finish without stressing over budget. 

Moreover, do not feel any pressure to pick brown or white. Many more stylish shades are waiting for your pick. Also, you will come across a wide array of green and blue kitchen cabinets. In addition, your eyes will catch the stark look of warm red cabinets. All such colors can spice up the level of your cooking area. So, why not go with the trends?

Enough of the talk, getting into the best kitchen colors of 2021. Pick any of the colors below and make a statement kitchen:

  1. Sage green
  2. Olive green
  3. Navy blue cabinets
  4. Classic white kitchen
  5. Grey-green color
  6. Country brown kitchen
  7. Red kitchens

Kitchen Design Trends 2020 / 2021 - forevermark cabinetry prices

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Sage green:

Green is so much in the trends these days. Be it dark green, apple green, or mint green-green color tones are ruling the market. You are most likely to win any heart with these sage green kitchen cabinets. It is light, bright, and classy. Also, keeping the beige top and base cabinets sage green can make the best combo ever. In this way, you can give your old place a touch of modern kitchens. 

Olive green:

You might not be familiar with this new color in kitchens. But, you will see more of olive green in 2021 modern setups. It is minimalistic, stylish, and durable in finishes. If you have a large area for the kitchen, this dark green tone is perfect for you. It will give an on-point modern look to space. In addition, you can pair it with a white backsplash and counters to contrast. 

Navy blue cabinets:

Blue is in color trends since 2020, and it’s not leaving the place any time soon. Navy blue is one of the top modern kitchen colors from the blue family. It is dark, warm, and cozy for every modern-style area. But, no need to make the whole kitchen blue. If you are thinking of putting this stunning color, keep it only for cabinets. Else, keep the counter and walls in subtle tones. This blue is perfect for an elegant kitchen. 

Classic white kitchen:

For a fresh and clean area, white is the color to go. Yes, we all know that white has been in trend for so long. But, there is a reason we call it a classic color for kitchens. So, the best part is that you keep all the things in white, without stressing over contrast. Also, instead of a pure white theme, you can choose a classic cream.

Moreover, it is a warm and relaxing tone for your eyes and brain as well. It fits with any style, from traditional to contemporary. Also, you can pair it with any dark or light color counter.

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Grey-green color:

Gray kitchen cabinets give a classic and elegant touch to your entire house. But, gray-green is the best innovation so far. The mix of mint green and gray is stunning for a minimalistic theme. You can add stainless steel hardware to enhance its outlook. Those who pursue the latest styles love the look of metallic gray with white counters. That is why it is one of the most chosen colors for kitchens this year.

Country brown kitchen:

Well, pure wooden cabinets are still the option. Country-style brown kitchens are on the top list as well. If you want to achieve a country look, make sure you pick the raw wood texture. So, these browns add some warmth to the cooking area. It will add a natural hint to our place.

Red kitchens:

Well, 2020 has seen more bold red in kitchen trends. But, this year, be ready for some warm red tones. It is fair to say that very few people dare to pick this sharp color tone. But, modern kitchens get the best red shades for cabinets. In particular, a deep red color looks stunning with a black countertop. 

Are Forevermark cabinetry prices worth it?

Yes, Forevermark cabinetry is worth the price you pay. Despite being a little pricey, many people prefer them to other top names. It is durable, affordable, and stylish. So, it is worth it when you pay for a premium quality product.


The world is full of colors to enjoy. You can bring those bold and subtle tones into your life by picking the best color cabinets. The above seven colors are the top shades that come at Forevermark cabinetry prices. So, go with sage green, navy blue, or gray for lighter tones. Red and country brown is pretty as well. For more choices, go to Columbus cabinets city and have the best deals. 

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