cheapest travel spots in the world

Top 10 cheapest travel spots in the world in 2021

The countries listed are the top 10 cheapest travel spots in the world in 2021. In the seventh position in this list is Bangladesh, a land of amazing natural beauty.



1. Southern Nile Valley, Egypt

Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guide book publisher. Their purpose is to give cheap world travel tips. If you go to the Southern Nile Valley of Egypt, you will be exposed to many old histories of the world and also, cheapest travel spots in the world.


2. Oz, Poland

It is the third-largest city in Poland. The city is changing very fast. Apart from renovations in various industrial areas, various architectural projects have been taken up in the city. There are old mills, and the rest is being transformed into a place for cultural activities, shopping, and entertainment.


3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA

Although it is far from the locality, its existence is no secret today. 1 crore tourists visit there every year. There is no entrance fee for this park


4. The Maldives

Accommodation is quite cheap on many islands in the Maldives. Especially on the islands where there are fewer resorts, where the locals mainly rent their guesthouses and you can stay in the cultural environment of the Maldives.


5. Houston, USA

In this beautiful city, you can start wandering from its museum area. There are 19 museums within walking distance. 10 of these do not require a ticket to enter, others can go for free on special days with the cheapest travel spots in the world.


6. Argentina

In the last few years, the country has been coming up with various ‘offers’ to attract tourists. There are also special discounts on visa-free for citizens of some countries.


7. Bangladesh

This country is full of diversity. Each city is different. Cox’s Bazar is the longest beach in Asia and the third-longest in the world, there is the Sundarbans National Park. There are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Sixty Domes Mosque, and the Buddhist Monastery at Paharpur. Bangladesh Tourists from all countries can travel very cheaply.


8. Albania

The country has some great beaches, unique history. The fruit and food serving industry fall into this category. There are also archeological sites. Albania is a place where you can hike in beautiful mountainous areas, stay in small villages and travel to the capital Tirana if you want.


9. Ecuador

Want to go to the most beautiful place in South America, but time is short? Ecuador may be your ideal destination. There are green Andes mountains, Bernie colonies, the Amazon rainforest, and the Pacific Ocean. In this small country, there are a lot of buses and fares are very low.


10. Slovenia

If you want to see everything in Europe in one place at a low cost, the ideal place for you is Slovenia. This country is much cheaper than any alpine country. It costs very little to travel there. The road and rail travel there is very comfortable.

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