Tips for Small Business

Tip #1: Think about your target market.

Who is your target market? Think about it. What kind of people would you like to serve and what do they like and dislike? You want to make sure that you’re providing a service that the people will enjoy and want, right? If there’s no way for them to actually enjoy your service, they won’t come back. Make sure you know who those people are, what they like, and make sure their needs are met by whatever product or service you provide. Even if it’s not directly related to your product or service (for instance: if I make cupcakes – my target market – ages 18-30 – but I’m writing this post for small business owners), then think about how this applies to someone else in the industry and how that could help them.


Tip #2: Know who works well with you/who doesn’t work well with you.

I am keeping things in order of importance.

This is something that’s really helped me in the past, and can continue to help you in the future. Figure out people who don’t work well with you or who are bad for business. For example, I’ve had terrible experiences with other bloggers who are also cupcake makers. I think it’s because they see me as competition, but honestly if they’re not making cupcakes then that means more business for me! Plus it makes sense to work together because we’re both in the same industry! So figure out people like this and either try to get along better or just know how things will go if you don’t get along well with them.


Tip #3: Join networks/groups/clubs/etc about your industry! Get involved!

I am a part of so many different groups about food and blogging, but every single one has been so helpful for me! Whether it was meeting other bloggers or meeting new customers at events, joining online communities has helped my small business grow tremendously over the past year alone. If there aren’t any groups near where you live (and even if there are), search online until you find some good ones that fit what your business needs are. I love joining groups and making friends with other people in the industry. This helps me grow my business and meet new people, which makes me happy!


Tip #4: Make connections.

When you’re networking and meeting new people at events or online, try to make connections; whether it be a friendship or someone who wants to hire you – either way – it will be helpful for your small business. Make sure to take notes of what these people like so that next time you run into them (or another person similar) you can figure out how they like things done because quite frankly everyone has different needs! If the first person liked something done one way but another person liked it done another way, find a happy medium and do that! I think this is extremely important for all businesses no matter if they’re big or small!!


Tip #5: Always create content.

I’ve talked about this before, but we always need more content on our site/blog/whatever we have going on! Whether it’s photos or videos or articles – creating content is really helpful for your small business because even if the post doesn’t get tons of views immediately (yes I’m talking about google rankings), at least there’s something there now after all those hours of hard work put into your company. This helps us maintain our brand as well as keep up with all our social media accounts which is extremely important since many companies rely on social media for advertising these days.


Tip #6: Be consistent and never give up.

I know this tip sounds like a cliche saying, but it really applies in almost every area of life, especially for small business owners. I’ve had my dreams crushed before by people who didn’t want to help or didn’t think that I could do it, but I always put on the happy face and kept things going because I knew that no matter how hard life got – there was one thing that would never change: myself! If you keep yourself strong mentally then nothing will get you down. You can always find a way to make things work out for yourself if you try hard enough. Just don’t ever give up on your dreams!!


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