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This Will Change Your Perspective About Life at Software House

People often ask me, “what is it like to work at a software company?” It’s unlike any other job in the world.

A few weeks ago I was in charge of E-commerce site deployment for one of our clients when my manager comes over and says, “Go to the conference room.”

I said, “Okay,” but I had no clue what this was about. When I got there he asked me if I’ve ever heard of Jake Paul? I said yeah because people are always talking about him on Twitter and YouTube. Then he says, “I need you to do an interview.” Not only did Jake come out here (he flew out from L.A.) but his family came too! It was so cool!

Incredible Unknown Facts About Life at Software House

There were cameras everywhere and I was asked to hold the boom mic. When Jake came in he saw me and

I got to go to the mall with him for 5 hours which was so cool. We went on an iPhone 11 tour and got to see some new fidget spinners. Before he left, he asked me if I had anything that needed doing around the house or something, but it didn’t work out because his mom wanted him back in L.A. the next day!

Why Life at Software house Just Won’t Go Away

If you think this sounds like a dream job, it’s not even close to being my favorite thing about working here.I’ve been at the company for 7 years now. I started as a part time software tester when I was 17 and became full time two months later after they liked how quickly I picked up on things.

Here is What’s Good About Life at Software House

I immediately thought, “how many people get to meet someone so famous?” I’m one of the lucky few. When he came down to our office he was super nice and very chill. He asked me lots of questions about programming (he’s into that kind of stuff now). We talked every day for like three days before the filming because I teach him JavaScript. After that we were hanging out all the time asking each other about code and then later he invited me to L.A. It was awesome! Then his dad wanted my help with some server issues (this guy is like an Einstein since he always has to be learning something challenging) and I got to know them really well during my stay there for 25 said, “Hey!”

The Ultimate Guide to Life at Software House

He remembered me! We all went to get lunch at Subway and we talked about his new movie coming out on Netflix. It’s called, “The Thinning: New World Order” and it looks crazy good!

It was probably the most memorable day of my life because our main office is in San Diego but filming took place 50 miles north in Los Angeles. My friend even pretended not to know who Jake Paul was until I told him what happened…he’s so dumb lol . Being a tech support means you do a bunch of random things every now and again. Don’t forget that your company is a software house in Lahore. We go to all kinds of conferences and trade shows, so don’t be surprised if you’re told to do something out of the ordinary! Great job with a lot of action going on here.


Now I am going to share with you about one time when we hired a new person…

One day there was a big storm in the office and it started raining really hard, so everybody got outside after 15 minutes of heavy rain. It refused to stop raining for three days straight! We almost had to shut down our production pipeline because nobody could get into work. Our employees were scattered all over the place at different hotels around town ordering pizzas every night because the power lines were buzzing too much for us to cook dinner in house.

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