Things to Do and Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Planning for your first baby can be a very exciting and stressful phase. New parents are often unaware of many facts and things that they might have to face during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a life-changing period. Only a pregnant woman can tell you the feeling of love and joy she can feel for the unseen human growing inside her belly.

But these things are related to only those who want to have babies. Some people are also there who want to keep themselves free from children and happy without having them. But sometimes those couples who are facing infertility problems can strongly desire to have babies. In these cases, women should take female infertility treatment and men should also do the same in the respective department.

But once you succeed in getting pregnant after various treatments, you should take care of yourself and the innocent angel developing inside you. You must be aware of what you should do and what you should avoid during this period of almost nine months. Following is a detail of all those things that you should do and stay away from during pregnancy.

Things to Do During Pregnancy

  •       Try to take folic acid with every diet during pregnancy. The best idea that is prescribed by doctors to take folic acid is to start taking it even three months before pregnancy. This will help to increase fertility and your chances of getting pregnant. Its intake during pregnancy will avoid any damage to the neural tubes and reduce the risks of complications during birth.
  •       Vitamin D should also be included in your diet. Vitamin D is the key factor in strengthening your bones. During pregnancy can have a deficiency of vitamin D. If your skin complexion Is darker and you don’t have a direct exposure of your body to sunlight, then you can have a deficiency of Vitamin D. You should buy it from the market and start taking it. Different fruits and vegetables enriched in Vitamin D should also be consumed.
  •       Perform some activities on a regular basis. It is a common tradition in many regions of the world, women have to do little to no work during pregnancy. This is even more strict during the first-time pregnancy. But this can lead to various complications. You can get obese, and lose shape. So try to remain active during pregnancy. Do small chores by yourself. One thing you should keep in mind is to perform only lighter activities. Avoid putting too much strain as it is not good for your body especially during pregnancy.
  •       One most important thing you should do is to notice and monitor the movement of the baby inside your belly. Babies start doing so at the end of the second trimester. These movements represent the health of your child. So monitor them regularly and in case you feel any reduction in them, immediately contact your doctor.

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

  •       Don’t eat according to the foolish myth that describes you should eat for two persons during pregnancy. You have to take only a few more calories than the normal routine. So try to avoid eating too much to keep your weight maintained. A rise in weight can cause serious problems.
  •       Stay away from alcohol in the same way you want to stay away from COVID-19. Some people might advise you to take a few sips of alcohol or anything containing it, but you should avoid it as it is dangerous even in normal conditions other than pregnancy.
  •       Workout or exercise is a good thing during pregnancy. This will help you to remain active and maintain fitness. It will also prevent you from getting obese. But don’t do extreme workouts. Heavy workouts can cause several problems during pregnancy. You can get damage to lower body joints as your body releases relaxing hormone to prepare for birth.

There you have it! These are some of the instructions you should follow when you’re pregnant. However, if you are struggling in getting pregnant, then consider taking an ICSI treatment in Lahore, which is an advanced method to treat infertility. After getting pregnant make sure to follow the above instructions.

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