The Video Doorbell Is Growing Up

The Video Doorbell Is Growing Up – Because It Has To

The video doorbell was a revolutionary piece of kit when it was first introduced. Over the years, it has caught on with homeowners from coast-to-coast. But just like anything else, the video doorbell has matured. You could say it is now in the process of growing up. Why? Because it has to.


Evidence of the technology’s maturity is found in its features. But even above and beyond features, some companies are not even calling their devices video doorbells anymore. Take Vivint Smart Home. They call their video doorbell a doorbell camera. It is essentially a security camera built into a doorbell.


Semantics aside, the latest video doorbells are not mere wireless security cameras with two-way audio and a doorbell chime added as an afterthought. They are high tech devices designed to not only record crime, but also prevent it.


Wired to the Electrical System


You can still purchase video doorbells packaged as wireless security cameras. They are the easiest option in terms of installation. But some manufacturers have decided to go to the next level by designing doorbell cameras that are wired to a home’s electrical system.


This is not such a big deal when you consider that a conventional doorbell is hard-wired. Electrical components are already in place, so swapping out a conventional doorbell with a doorbell camera should be no big deal. What you get in return is well worth the extra effort.


Wiring a doorbell camera to a home’s electrical system reduces worries about downtime. It also eliminates the need for checking and changing batteries. A wired device is more reliable, hands down.


Larger Field of Vision


A larger field of vision is something else manufacturers are working on developing. They are just starting to introduce video doorbells with 180° coverage – both horizontally and vertically. This larger field of vision allows consumers to see a lot more if they want to.


Along with a larger field of vision is the option of customizing how large you want that field to be. A limited number of doorbell cameras now allow customers to choose a rather narrow field of vision or expand it as they see fit. Customization makes creating the perfect setup easier.

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Sight and Sound Alerts


If hard wiring and a larger field of vision are not enough, a growing number of video doorbells now offer a measure of deterrence with sight and sound alerts. By combining motion-sensing technology with sophisticated software, the devices are capable of detecting when someone might be approaching a home to steal a package or break-in. The camera then comes alive with a loud alarm and flashing LED lights.


Sight and sound are enough to scare away some burglars and porch pirates looking to do what they do without drawing attention to themselves. And those who are not deterred will still have their images caught on camera.


Still Just a Tool


Despite all the advancements in wireless home security cameras and video doorbells, it must be understood that electronic security devices are just tools. A doorbell camera can be an extremely helpful tool in identifying criminals and potentially deterring them. But it is not a foolproof device for stopping crime altogether.


Installing a doorbell camera is just one step toward making your home as safe and secure as possible. There are other tools available as well. However, the most important thing of all is the consumer’s mindset. Staying safe requires a commitment to safety. It requires diligence in everything from locking the doors to identifying security weaknesses and taking the necessary steps to correct them.

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