Biltong Recipe

The ultimate South African Biltong Recipe

Perhaps, biltong is one of the few dishes that need to cook in the heat and sun. This dish is of African descent. Designed it the people of Namibia, South Africa and other African countries with a hot climate, where the air flies many insects trying to get at the meat. Recipe of biltong was invented to somehow keep the meat from spoiling. 

Ingredients: meat, salt, spices, vinegar 

Over time, this easy recipe curing meat has spread around the world. This method of harvesting meat is mentioned in the adventure novel of Louis Bussenar “Thieves”, where he describes the whole process of drying. Biltong or jerky is high in calories. To get the succulent meat, it is seasoned thick strips. The cutting of this piece will enhance any holiday table. If you are going on a long journey don’t need to bring a meat stew – take biltong. And if it is cut into thin strips – it’s the best snack for beer, wine or vodka. 

The word biltong is from Dutch origin descended from two words: bil – part of the hip, tong strips of tape. This dish is nothing like the meat cut into strips and marinated in various spices and then roasted. In Russia, the dish is called “Salmon” or, simply, “Gourmet beef jerky”, “Meat beer”.  There are a lot of varieties of biltong. It all depends on the spices that used to marinate, the thickness of the strips and the method of drying

To prepare this delicious dish you can use any meat (chicken, Turkey, beef, horsemeat), except pork. Pork for salting takes more time. Fillet of poultry (chicken, Turkey) before cutting should be held in the freezer until beginning to freeze to better cut into thin strips. Biltong can be made from thick strips of meat — it is juicy, and thin strips of meat cook faster, but the meat turns out dry. 

Preparation of Biltong

To prepare biltong you can take different meat from the thick edge and thin. The main thing is fresh, springy, pink meat from a young animal. If, however, there is the film and core – cut them out. Thus, prepared meat, namely wash, dry and start cooking. 

Spices should be ground before use. Coriander should be roasted on a dry frying pan. Remove from heat and allow cooling. Then grind coriander along with black pepper in a coffee grinder or divide through the film with a rolling pin. Mix all the spices, cooked for pickling with salt. 

Cook thin slices of meat for long-term storage, cut it along the grain into strips of 20-25 cm in length, width – 5-7 cm, thickness – 1 cm, and thinner. In this case, the finished product will be less rigid, cut pieces back and beat the meat for cooking it faster. Then, pieces of meat tightly stacked in a glass or enamel bowl (avoid metal) and close with cling film. On top of meat-imposed oppression and keep in the fridge. 

As oppression can be a plastic bottle with water. The dishes will stand out juice – not drained. After 6 hours turn meat to the other side, again stamped and put on top of oppression. So billet marinade for 12 hours. This time for pickling meat is not enough, but the process speeds up with the vinegar and the fact that the slices are thin. After 12 hours pull the meat from the resulting brine. It becomes a brownish color, which indicates that it is ready. Then, drop the meat in diluted vinegar for 5 minutes, washes it with salt and spices, and get a good squeeze. If salt is not washed away with the meat – biltong will be ready very salty. Hang the meat for drying. 

Vinegar dilute: take 6% wine vinegar and dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:6, if you have a 9% vinegar, then dilute 1:9. Watch, that the proportions were accurate, otherwise the meat will be unpleasant and sour taste. Thin strips of jerky will be ready in 1-2 days. To slice thin biltong, you should use special kitchen scissors, but thick piece of meat for the festive table is cut with a sharp knife. 

The Recipe of biltong

From 1 kg of fresh meat, it is possible to obtain 300 g biltong. 

1 kg of meat you need to take: 2 tbsp rock salt coarse (about 45-50 g), 1 tablespoon ground coriander, 1 teaspoon of heaped sugar, 1 teaspoon of black pepper (1.5-2 teaspoons), ground red pepper to taste, 2 g of baking soda.

Coriander can be taken with a slide or without a slide – decide for yourself, not for everybody. In some recipes, it is recommended to take less salt (30 g) and add bitter red pepper – also an Amateur. Most importantly, salt should not be iodized, otherwise, the meat will turn out with a strong taste of iodine. In some recipes, it is recommended for pickling meat sea salt. 

In our recipe, the main seasoning is coriander. Depending on the taste which you prefer, you can cook your salty mixture and add spices which you like. Some recipes add pepper, dried thyme, dried Basil, but still need to remember one thing – the salt and coriander should be given above the number. 

In Africa, biltong is made from the meat of just slaughtered elephants, antelopes, buffalos, ostriches.

Salty mix-Namibia (G. Okahandja) 

1.5 kg of meat to take: 60 g salt 2 g pepper 15 g sugar, 3 g of sodium, 15 grams of coriander. 

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They say that in Namibia, the locals dried meat by hanging it on the trees. From the adventure literature, it is also known that they dried in the dryer out of plywood. This is a box with a height of 1 m, width 0.5 m with holes in the lid and sides. Inside the box, in the lower part, the light bulb of 60 watts is inserted; at the top of the box on hooks is meat. Bulb all time burns, the heat goes up and the meat dried. In such a dryer is placed 1-3 kg of meat.

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