Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Professional social networking is an integral part of obtaining better opportunities in this cutthroat business environment, and LinkedIn is the best professional networking platform that allows individuals to connect with the leaders of the corporate world. It is a rapidly growing platform with over 740 million users in over 200 countries.

Many companies when hiring new employees ask for LinkedIn profiles instead of resumes. As per a study, you are forty times more likely to get opportunities via the network if you have a complete LinkedIn profile; therefore, it is important to have an updated and properly filled out LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile page is your portfolio, it is the foundation for your personal branding. The platform itself regularly adds features that’ll allow you to exhibit your skills and capabilities on your page. In this article, we’ll share a few guidelines that’ll allow you to create a perfect LinkedIn profile that’ll attract recruiters.


Choose an appropriate profile picture

The profile picture on your page is the first impression of you. It essentially acts as your calling card on LinkedIn. Make sure the picture looks like (avoid an excessively-edited picture) and is recent. The picture should be in formal attire, something you’ll most likely wear to work. The background of the picture should be subtle and make sure it is not a long-distance shot.


Write a creative headline that is more than just your job title

There is no hard and fast rule for what you are supposed to write in the description box at the top of your profile. Many have simply stated their job title but you can get creative and describe why you do what you do, how you see your role, and what motivates you in a few simple but catchy words. You can take inspiration from your colleagues and check out other profiles with similar job roles. You can go on the internet via Spectrum Internet Español and search for “inspirational quotes” that describe your job role and career trajectory perfectly.


Write your story in the summary section of the profile

Most LinkedIn users skip this step, but it is important for you to fill out the summary section of your profile page. Your summary is an opportunity for you to share your own story so don’t only use it to list down your previous job title and skills. Try to explain how the skills that you have acquired over the years matter and how they can contribute to an organization’s success. Invest some time into writing a perfect summary, try a few drafts and run them by a few people to see which one is more appealing. It should be a unique piece for your own personal branding so make sure you put in the required effort into writing it.


Expand your network

The main purpose of you making a LinkedIn profile is to grow your network. The easiest way for you to do so is to sync your email address book or contact with your profile. It helps the platform mention people in the suggestion list that you can connect with. It is one of the most effective ways to connect with relevant people on LinkedIn. Besides that, get in the habit of following up with people who send you connection requests as it helps keep your network up to date and vibrant.


List all your relevant skills

LinkedIn has a very extensive list of skills that you can sort through and identify which ones are relevant to you. Doing so would also support the description in the summary and headline section of your profile. An extensive list of skills that isn’t true and relevant to what you do or who you are can be cumbersome. Take the time to refine your skills list every now and then.


Highlight the services you offer

The “showcase service module” is a new feature added by LinkedIn. It allows users to make the services that they offer discoverable on LinkedIn. It is best for freelancers and consultants who work for small businesses to be discovered and offered jobs and projects. Filling this section out can help boost your visibility in search results.


Wrapping Up

Updating or creating a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters doesn’t have to take up hours of your time. Go through the above-mentioned guidelines and build from one to the other, and you’ll be able to create a professional LinkedIn profile. Try to view your profile from a recruiter’s point of view and see what changes you can do to make an impression about yourself via your profile.

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