amazing and most beautiful tourist spots in the world

The most beautiful tourist spots in the world in 2021

There are not so many amazing and most beautiful tourist spots in the world, which, on getting, you inadvertently feel like a small part of the glorious universe. While planning a vacation, some dream of staying in heaven and taking a leisurely rest, others are looking for interesting tourist routes, where each new day will give an unforgettable experience of natural beauty and sightseeing, and still, others want to combine pleasure with business. Given a variety of interests, the website has selected for you the cheapest travel spots country in the world, many of which occupy the first line of the ratings of the most interesting places on the planet and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


1.The colorful villages of Cincinnati, Italy

The five lively villages located on the steep slopes of Cinco-Terry National Park are not at all like developed infrastructural resort areas. This amazing Italian interior most beautiful tourist spot from all over the world, far from civilization and, therefore, with the true simplicity of the world. Uninterrupted and unfinished villages, to this day, where there are shakes on top of each other, there are low-rise houses of local residents, but full of sights and legends. So, travelers will have no questions about what to do and what to see. Walking along the ten-kilometer path will leave an indomitable impression that unites all the villages. You won’t find any of the most beautiful landscapes, trails, and turns in the world! And for young wives, the section of the path, named since ancient times, will become the symbol of the road of love.


2. Grape Road in Switzerland

International Travelers is waiting for the best walking tour of vineyards and villages in the Swiss province of Martinique. The six-kilometer vineyard (The Cummins des Vignes) is a national tourist trail lined with alpine opal all paths, lined with man-made roofs for vineyards. Exquisite landscapes, the purest mountain air, and the serenity of rural life have made this place a popular destination for tireless tourists.


3. Colorful lake at the top of Kelimutu, Indonesia

Lake Kalimutu Crater in Indonesia, a lake on the island of Flores Three multi-colored lakes, immersed in mystical beliefs about the souls of the dead people living among them, hidden from sight in the royal Kelimutu volcano pit at an altitude of about 1700 meters. Lakes of ancient peoples, lakes adjacent to boys and girls, and enchanted lakes alternately change color from turquoise, green and red to the effects of chemical reactions in their minerals. It is better to appreciate the lakes very early in the morning or afternoon if you are not covereing with fog.


4. The oldest salt mine in Peru

The enchanting salt mosaic – the brain touch of the resort Incas – is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. Think, what could attract salt baths, from which salt is extracted by hand to this day ?! Multistage terraces are not only a brilliant find for photographers in every sense but also amaze travelers with impressions, including polygonal salt landscapes on a sunny day. And everyone has the opportunity to test for themselves whether salt is easy to extract!


5. The monasteries of Meteora in Greece

The clear waters of the river form the Thessalian Valley, embracing the mighty rocks submerged in the green of the forest … the harmony of nature and the harmony of souls! The history of this most popular tourist route in the world goes back 15 centuries. Despite the fact that 6 of the 24 monasteries (4 male and 2 female) survive, the Meteora is the main pillar of Orthodoxy. More than six hundred meters high rock, which was once at the bottom of the ancient sea, has become a reliable foundation for the monastery buildings. As you step on the stone steps you inadvertently think about how difficult the stairs to heaven are. But precisely why the monastic document and the power of God’s God-given grace are so strongly felt.


6. Mysterious rock Uluru in Australia

Located in the National Park, the orange-brown owl chameleon rock has become one of the most most beautiful tourist spots in the world due to its color-changing skills, depending on the time of day: from dark purple in the morning, bright red in the morning, and pink to golden in the afternoon. Involved by numerous caves and reservoirs, it preserves the history of ancient tribes in great rock paintings. At the sacred footsteps of the local Anangu tribe, you can climb to the top of the clip, from there a truly spectacular view of the surroundings opens up during the day and in the evening you can admire the star-studded carnival.


7. Ko Poda Islands in Thailand

The Ko Poda Islands in the province of Krabi are righting consider themost beautiful tourist spots in the world. Tourists who are tired of recreation come here by boat to stay in peace. Stunning views of expansive palm trees, pristine white beaches, crystal clear seawater, a coral wall with exotic fish, and the rocks of the Riley Peninsula will give you heavenly bliss. And not too far from Poda Island, there are local attractions here – the hundred-meter island-rock Ma Tang Ming, known as one of the best diving spots in the center of Krabi.

8. Isle of Skye in Scotland

Jimmy Doo Sky is the largest and most unusual island in Scotland. Typically Scottish landscapes: secluded, hilly, rocky, lake and green fenced fields where sheep roam, surprisingly the Gulf Island has washed away and forgotten with the tropical anus affected by the Gulf Stream. Even in October, palm trees and rhododendrons bloom here! The Isle of Sky is a favorite place for creative people to relax and work. There are many small art museums here. Climbers from all over the world come here to conquer the peaks of the aristocratic mountains known as the Scottish Alps.


9. Chefchain, the blue city of Morocco

Chefchaun, Morocco All fans of the world’s small cozy cities will love this glorious tourist city, which began its history with the construction of a small castle in the 15th century, which is now one of the attractions of Chefchaun is the color blue. Painted in bright shades. Unforgettable impressions will take for walking along the narrow and winding roads of the rocks, a warm gathering in a cafe. Climbing the mountains, and visiting the most beautiful parks and reserves: Talasemtan, Talbot, and Bukshme.


10. Bryce Canyon in the United States

Bryce Canyon, National Park, USA Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Utah and covers an area of ​​145 km2. . Sharp peaks give way to mysterious nets or upward spiers. Bright green dense coniferous forests and mountain ranges surround the opal of Bryce Canyon. Soften and enchant the landscape of the battlefield. But the most spectacular view Bryce Canyon presents in the mornings, evenings, and winters – that’s when the parade of gorgeous sheds unfolds!


11. Camiguin is a volcanic island in the Philippines

It is no coincidence that the lush green Camiguin Island can be called the pearl of the Philippine Islands. Just imagine a tropical climate, great white beaches, and lovely seawater, amazing 50-meter waterfalls and hot springs, seven active volcanoes and first-class diving, unique flora and fauna! And if you climb to the top of Khibok-Khibok hill, there will be fantastic views! A huge white cross to local attractions and tourist attractions was installed at the site of the submerged cemetery.


12. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, the capital of the Western Cape and the legislative capital of South Africa, is located near the legendary Cape of Good Hope, a city in South Africa. Even the city’s architecture itself is the most beautiful tourist spots. A vibrant mosaic of historic and ultra-modern buildings creates a unique taste of Cape Town as if walking through the city as you travel through time. This is especially felt when visiting the colorful Bow-Cap region, where the descendants of slaves live.

A stunning climate, natural resources, great infrastructure will make your beach holiday. Unforgettable and allow you to enjoy the surfing that is popular here. The best tourist spots in Cape Town are of course Table Mountain. The main lighthouse for sailors, Victoria and Alfred Harbor. The center of stunning beauty shopping and recreation centers are the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. A combination of eight ocean aquariums, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. The huge number of cultural centers, national museums and art galleries, historical monuments, and sites do not bother the most discerning visitors to Cape Town.


13. Impressive Cappadocia in Turkey

The fictional Cappadocia, symbolized by the mushroom, perfectly justifies its definition. The strange landscapes created by volcanic eruptions and rock climates seem unrealistic, from childhood dreams. Just imagine the mysterious natural labyrinths where the first Christians hid in the form of persecution, mountains, and rock cones, pyramids, stone pillars, and freaks! Tourists will observe the bizarre landscape of Cappadocia from the height of the flight of hot air balloons. However, the popularity of the place is also to buy about the “Open Air Museum”, which is worthy of the attention of travelers with its ancient rock churches and monasteries and preserves the frescoes of different periods that have been forgotten here.

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14. Halong Bay in Vietnam

Dear Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in the world covered by ancient legends. Two thousand stone block-islands covered in luxurious green color are scattered in the amazing, emerald-colored water. Many enchanting grottoes and caves, mirror lakes, and waterfalls will even amaze the imagination of a completely reckless nature. And set you in a contemplative mood. White beaches combined with delightful landscapes provide great opportunities for camping and rock climbing. As well as creating a relaxing vacation in water skiing or jet skiing.


15. Lake Tahoe in the United States

Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful lakes in North America, with its crystal-clear blue waters freezing in the winter. Is a beautiful sight in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Coniferous forests and snow-capped rocks make the lake its unique attraction. The Lake District is home to beaches and famous ski resorts. Anumber of national parks with dozens of mountaineering trails for ecotourism lovers. The added natural resources are a brilliantly developed infrastructure. And one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world before us, where you can take a great break at any time of the year.


16. Lake Plitvice Lake National Park in Croatia

Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. Covering an area of ​​about 30,000 hectares, 1 large and a large number of small lakes. More than a hundred waterfalls and several dozen caves are located in Chitrabali. But the most interesting aspect is the large waterfall cheap. Crowds in the polyphonic silver streams of the crystalline waters of the Plitvice and Korana rivers from a height of -2 m.


17. Blue Sea Pneumophilus of Japan

Basho is the most touching place in the world, all in one person. All the pure, all the pure awakening in Japan’s Hitachi National Sea Park, which covers 120 hectares. There are no century-old trees or intricate shrubs here – they replace each other all year round. The realm of delicate flowers. These are not collected in elegant flower beds but are planted in vast fields, which is why suddenly. A person begins to think of himself not as the master of nature, but as an integral part of it.

Surprisingly, it’s not the proud tulips and grapefruit poppies that brought world fame to the park. But the millions of vibrating anemophilous that have turned the world into a blue oceany Every year. Hitachi Park hosts an enchanting flower festival called Harmony Nemophilus. The uniqueness of this country in the combination of smoking volcanoes and hot geysers is eternal snow … Important to see the most interesting places: blue and ice lagoons and geysers. Blue Lagoon is a natural complex of pools in lava piles. The water in the lagoon is milky and in addition, it contains quartz and blue-green algae.

The lake of ice is incredibly beautiful! This is one of the few places where you can see iceberg life up close: new icebergs break. The glacier and fill the lake, flowing along the coast in winter and melting in summer. They come in a variety of colors: white, green, blue, etc. And you can see the bubble geysers of Iceland in the valley of Houkadalu. Its symbols are the stroker and the geyser, which explode with different frequencies and energies. For example, every ten minutes a stroke throws a jet of hot water up to a height of 20 minutes. While the geyser stays cool.


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