The Best Smart Speakers for 2021

The possibility to connect almost all the devices to the internet is finally here. And, we’re not only talking about smartphones and computers, but everything, such as speakers, doorbells, lights, appliances, cameras, clocks, you name it.

As we progress with time, the concept of a connected home is turning into a reality. Today, the world of IoT is brimming with newer and newer smart home products, and consumers are beginning to discover fresh ideas to create a smart home.

And what if all your devices could communicate with each other, send you information, and further function on your common? IoT is the key component of smart homes and home automation.

Yes, home automation is indeed what it sounds like. It automates the ability to control things around your house, from lights to window shades, through a simple push of a button or by voice command.

In this article, we have taken IoT ecosystems into account from Google to Apple and shared the best smart speakers you can have in 2021. So, let’s go ahead and check some of the best smart home devices out there!

Google Nest Audio/Nest Mini (2nd Gen)

Google is one of the leading IoT ecosystems and is very user-friendly. If you’re someone who’s comfortable with Google, you can start creating your smart home with Google Nest Audio or Nest Mini.

Google Nest Audio has 30W speakers and comes with three far-field microphones. Whereas the Best Mini has a smaller footprint with a 15W speaker, but with the very same three microphones for instant voice pick up.

That said, both the smart speakers come with a similar set of features, and you can easily perform several voice actions via the smart speakers. All you need to say is “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to activate Google Assistant, and from there you can set reminders, play music, control other smart home devices in your house, and many more things.

The best part about Google smart speakers is that you can make audio calls using Google Duo. Moreover, you can also make a call to smartphones through the same platform on the Nest speaker.

Both the Google Nest and Nest Mini are feature-packed and if you’re considering getting them, you can head to 1st Energy to know more about their features and purchase them at reasonable rates.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)/Echo Studio

Amazon is one of the first few companies that initially invested in IoT devices and voice assistance technology. This e-commerce giant breakthrough by developing its very own smart voice assistant Alexa, which is second to Google Assistant.

Over the last couple of years, Amazon has partnered with many manufacturers and launched its Alexa-enabled smart speakers, displays, and more. In fact, Amazon had a rather large network of smart devices, so one can definitely invest in their smart home ecosystem.

Amazon’s first product in the lineup is its Echo speaker. The Echo Dot is a smart speaker as well, but on a smaller scale with Alexa built-in, four microphones with a 15W output. Whereas, Echo Studio is a massive speaker that comes with all smart features with 330W output and four microphones.

Anyways, both the Echo speakers allow you to control your smart home devices, including smart thermostats, bulbs, TVs, door locks, and more. Alexa is compatible with numerous smart home devices and you can rely on Echo Dot and Echo Studio to manage things within your home through voice command. Best Smart Speakers

Apple HomePod Mini

Now if you’re into Apple’s ecosystem, the Apple HomePod mini is a good idea for yourself started with. While Siri isn’t super-smart like Google Assistant or Alexa, it’s improving with time and is bound to get better for sure.

You can play music on your HomePod mini and even ask Siri questions, and have it text your contacts, update your calendar, and more. In other words, it works pretty much the same as other voice assistants.

What’s more, the Apple HomePod mini has Intercom features that allow you to communicate with your family members inside your home. You can easily send messages to individual rooms or even broadcast messages to everyone.

Moreover, in the Home app, you can all your smart home devices and manage them with a voice command. However, be mindful that in order to control your smart devices through the Apple HomePod mini, the devices have to be compatible with Siri itself.


Before you begin assembling your smart home, it’s important to think about which smart home ecosystem you are most comfortable with. And a smart speaker is a great place to begin, as you can continue purchasing smart home devices that are compatible with the speakers.

So, these are the three smart speakers from the leading IoT ecosystems: Google, Amazon, and Apple. If you are looking to start somewhere easy, we suggest investing in Google smart speakers as they’re compatible with most smart home devices out there! Best Smart Speakers

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