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The Best Dab Pens to Give the Most Smoke

If you are looking for the most convenient way to vape your wax concentrate, then dab pens could be your ideal choice. A high-quality dab pen vaporizer wax concentrates like a typical dab rig and delivers smooth vapor that is not harsh to the throat and lungs. However, finding the best dab pen may prove to be a difficult task as the market today is filled with different brands. Each brand promises to offer the best which may not always be the case.

Based on the reviews and ratings of many dab pen users, below is a list of the best dab pens that will give you the most smoke.

  1. Kandypens Crystal 2.

Kandypens Crystal 2 is a reputable dab pen whose variable voltage battery has four presets (2.6 V, 3.0 V, 3.6 V, and 4.2 V). Choosing the highest voltage setting (4.2 V) offers most smoke (clouds) while the lowest setting offers lesser smoke and greater flavor. The capacity of the dab pen’s powerful sub-ohm battery is 1200 mAh, which is more than enough for your daily usage.

Besides Kandypens Crystal 2 has an adjustable airflow system that enables you to customize your hits even more. The dab pen’s safety and durability profile are 5-star as it has a medical-grade and electroplated stainless steel construction. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty for all the parts.

  1. Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen.

The Ghost Pen is Dr. Dabber’s original low-temperature wax vaporizer for oils and waxes. It features an inbuilt technology, called Titanium Technology, which ensures the coil heat to the ideal temperature gradually instead of red hot on contact. Therefore, it removes the burned electric taste that is common in most dab pens and ensures you get the authentic and full flavor of your concentrate. 

  1. Linx Hypnos Zero.

The Hypnos Zero dab pen from Linx Vapor features four temperature settings. The top 2 settings will offer the most smoke in the terms of clouds while the bottom two settings will offer an improved flavor/ taste at the expense of the vapor. Besides, the dab pen features an all-ceramic heating chamber that contains a donut-style ceramic atomizer. The vapor you get out of this heating is top-notch.

In terms of manufacturing quality, the Hypnos Zero is gorgeous and durable. It features an elegant brushed stainless steel finish and a glass mouthpiece that also aid in improving the quality of your vapor. The dab‘s 510 threaded ego battery has a capacity of 650 mAh. It can last for a whole day’s use without needing a recharge when moderately used.

  1. Linx Ares.

In recent years the Ares dab pen has consistently been on the list of the best dab pens that can give you the most smoke. The dab pen features two heat settings labeled as Low and High. To get the most smoke you will have to choose the High-temperature setting but if you prefer the better taste to have more clouds in your vaping experience, you should choose the Low-temperature setting.

If you are a moderate dab pen user, you can go for a day or even up to two without having to recharge the Linx Ares battery. 

The most standout feature of the Linx Ares dab pen is its innovative honey straw. With this feature, you can vape the concentrate directly from its container without having to load it. Loading a dab pen with the concentrate can get messy and difficult. The fact that the Linx Ares dab pen eliminates this tough procedure, puts it on par with the best in the market.

  1. Yocan Magneto.

The Yocan Magneto dab pen does not feature any kind of temperature flexibility or controls. However, you can regulate the vaping device’s temperature by pressing and releasing the power button until you find one that will give you the most smoke or offer you your perfect dabbing experience.

Furthermore, the Yocan Magneto features an ego-style 510 threaded 1100 mAh battery. This powerful battery gives more life than those in most dab or wax pens.

The Yocan Magneto features a unique loading style that sets it apart from other dab pens. Instead of loading the dab pen directly with wax, you load your concentrate on the tip of the atomizer cap/ loading tool. This style is simple and very user-friendly.


When looking for the dab pe to give you the most smoke, you should always check out how the dab pen allows you to change its temperature to give you the most clouds.

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