Tell Tale Signs You Are Neglecting Your Health

There are countless ways your body tells you that you are neglecting your health, and some of these signs are less than obvious. Anything from acne, protruding belly, and swollen legs can be tell-tale signs of your body saying that it is in danger.

Here are some red flags that indicate that you are neglecting your health:


Dark Urine

Your urine is meant to be of light color – not brown or orange. Dark urine is a serious indicator that your body needs water and that you are suffering from dehydration. If this happens to you, your entire body has been affected by dehydration! You could experience a severe headache apart from cramped muscles and dry, chapped lips. To prevent dehydration, we recommend carrying a portable and reusable water bottle with you as a reminder that you need to keep sipping water.


Blemished Skin

Skin breakouts are a nuisance to deal with – in teenage and adulthood. While you might rush to treat them and get rid of acne, these could indicate that you have a bigger health problem at hand. The skin is the largest organ of our body. If the body wants to get rid of an irritant inside, it often uses the skin to get rid of the irritant and alert you simultaneously. Such warning signs can include eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

It is important to understand that acne isn’t always prompted by oily skin; other factors, such as allergies and the stress response of the nervous response, can cause blemished skin. Before investing tons of money in skin products, consider the potential health factors that might be causing blemishes in the first place.


You are Fatigued

Loads of things cause fatigue, so you need to seriously assess your lifestyle and habits that might be causing low energy. Several health factors are crucial in physical (and mental) fatigue, including a weakened immune system, low blood sugar levels, anemia, iron deficiency, flu, dehydration, etc.

You ought to pay attention to what you are consuming – your food choices have a serious impact on your health. The rule of mindfulness doesn’t only apply to food choices but also life choices, such as abstaining from unprotected sex, in which case you might want to take the HIV Prevention Pill.

Sometimes, untreated mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, can also cause physical and mental fatigue. As a rule of thumb, visit your physicist if your fatigue lasts longer than two weeks.


Hair Loss

If your hair loss isn’t hereditary, but you have started losing loads of hair lately, it can be a serious sign of increasing stress levels. After stressful events, your hair can get thinner, and you might go through something known as hair shedding. We recommend getting proper support if a stressful life event occurs; instead of keeping things bottled inside, let out your emotions and stress by talking to someone you trust – it can also be a counselor, if not a friend or family. 

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