Super easy hacks to remove blood stains:

Bloodstains are a serious problem in all of our daily lives. But, something that is even bigger than this is the question ‘how to remove blood stains?’. At times, it can test your patience but not to worry, we have curated some of the coolest and the simplest tried and tested hacks on how to remove blood stains right here in this article to make your lives a bit easier. So, let’s get started.

How to remove blood stains from fabrics?

Clothing care is an intensive process and removing blood stains from any apparel can become a test of your patience. You can get blood stains on your bedding or clothing for many reasons. One of the most frequent reasons is periods. Removing blood stains from fabrics is quite an ordeal but we got you covered with some of the simplest hacks to get done with the deed. Here are some steps that you must follow to get rid of blood stains from any fabric on this planet:

  • If the stain is freshly acquired, take the fabric and run some cold water on the stained area to quickly get rid of the loose blood on the surface before that seeps into the fabric. This will make the rest of the process much easier.
  • Always keep in mind, you can’t use too much water on the stain, it can spread on the fabric.
  • Get hold of an old blunt knife, liquid detergent, ammonia, some bleach, and some powder detergent.
  • If your stain is an old one, scrape off the dried off excess debris from the fabric with the help of a blunt knife.
  • Take a bowl and fill it with some lukewarm water, mix one teaspoon each of some liquid hand washing detergent and ammonia in it.
  • Soak the stained fabric in this solution for fifteen minutes and let it rest.
  • Take out the fabric and rub it gently on the backside of the stain to slowly loosen the stain.
  • Put it back into the solution for another fifteen minutes.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with cold water.
  • Use something like a tide pen on it and wait for another half an hour for the stain to go.
  • To seal the deal, launder the clothing with some washing powder to get the final results.

The stain is most likely to go away after following the steps that we have talked about her but in case it persists, you can use some bleach on the fabric to get completely rid of the stain from the fabric.

How to remove blood stains from non-washable surfaces?

Removing blood stains from any non-washable surface is an art in itself. You have to use the correct products to get the job done without damaging the surface. You can use hydrogen peroxide or borax in a very small amount on the stain and we assure you that this is safe.

How to remove blood stains from upholstery?

It is very much possible to get bloodstains on your upholstery. You can get a or your periods suddenly and that could easily cause such a disaster. Upholsteries can be a bit tricky to wash but it’s not impossible. All you need is a little bit of technique and of course a bunch of readily available products. Here are some easy and simple steps that you can follow to get the desired results.

  • First things first, gather the products that you’re gonna need, some liquid dishwasher, a white cloth, and some cold water.
  • Take a container and mix 2 cups of cold tap water and some liquid dishwasher.
  • Take a clean cloth and dip it in this solution. Gently sponge the stained area so that the solution gets absorbed in the fabric.
  • Keep doing this until the stain is gone fully.
  • After the stain vanishes, sponge the area with cold water and blot it to get rid of the remaining detergent.
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Things to keep in mind while you’re working on a bloodstain:

  1. Don’t delay the stain removal process. The more you delay the washing, the more stubborn the stain becomes.
  2. Use cold water no matter whatever you wash. Be it fabrics, upholsteries, carpets anything.
  3. Remove the stain first before putting it into a washing machine.
  4. Stubborn stains don’t go away easily at times but now that you know how to remove blood stains from many surfaces, just don’t lose your patience and keep following every step carefully.
  5. Never put your apparel in the dryer before laundering them and removing the stain.

These are some tips and hacks that you must learn by heart if you wanna know how to remove blood stains. It’s okay to get such stains at times as long as you can remove them. And this time, with all these hacks, and techniques you can get them all.

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