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Steps to have an Intimate Big fat Wedding with a virtual wedding online

Indians are known for celebrating the wedding ceremony with a big list of wedding guests. But as time flew by, things have started to change, not every Indian couple would like the idea of inviting hundreds of people irrespective of personally known or unknown.

With the current Covid-19 Pandemic situation in hand, we all know that is expected to keep ourselves socially distanced and not allow the spread of the virus. We still desire the idea of having an intimate wedding with our significant other along with the few people who we think as superlative importance in our life.  Since it is uncertain to completely decide on Big Fat Weddings or Intimate weddings, we can make both happen at the same time through virtual weddings online.

Virtual wedding online is this new medium of live streaming the wedding. We can invite hundreds of guests online and celebrate the wedding from all over the world. It bridges a gap between the wedding couples and their guest. These services are available on the internet at affordable pricing. The main benefit of streaming a virtual wedding is the amount of money we get to save to inviting guests virtually. The guests on the other hand tend to also save their expenses on attending the wedding. A wedding website will be a good platform to share the link of the wedding as it gets streamed. The concept of a Wedding gift registry is also a happening new concept welcomed by hundreds of wedding couples in India in recent years.

It is the best way to gift for the wedding couples, as the registry shows the catalogue of items which the couple feels they want as gifts for the wedding. It makes the couples a personalised list of gifts to which the guests can contribute and gift the couples.

With so many benefits a virtual wedding offers on our plate and with regards to the current pandemic situation, it is highly recommended to stream the wedding online. We rely on the Internet for so many things, a wedding planning service offering so many benefits will help us to conveniently arrange a smart and waste-free wedding. It is appreciated to take up initiatives like these online, that will help us contribute to sustainable living.

Virtual wedding platforms are easy to stream, we can make use of Online Video call apps and websites like Google Meet, Zoom etc to live stream the wedding.

And it is always better to make sure that the wedding streamed is guided by professionals who work particularly for virtual weddings to make sure that the streaming goes smoothly without any technical glitches.

Websites like Wedding Wishlist provides such services in India, it is the number one on the first and best wedding planning websites in India. Make use of their service to enjoy a stress-free Intimate Big Fat Indian Wedding. It is better to look more at these virtual wedding services available online to make sure your wedding is one of a kind and special to your family. Let us normalize Intimate Weddings and understand the true essence of a wedding – the love between the two individuals over anything else.

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