Southern Business’s Brady Ziegler on Billionaire Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan



Southern Business Review (SBR) Business Editor, Brady Ziegler talks on our podcast about his 2018 Interview with the newest member of the Billionaire’s club, Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan. He speaks more in-depth about his new piece in SBR “ Inside How TV and Global Charity Connections Made Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan a Billionaire


Brądy or BAZ as he is known to friends, talks about how money is great and shouldn’t be vilified but that we should be mindful of how we make money and to be sure that we are doing it not on the backs of those who go without


We talk more about his delve into Courtney, as he worked with Cambridge University in London, and a Research student at Brown who completed an in-depth study on black wealth in America. As she explored through various government reportings on Courtney Jordan, after taking a course on black wealth in America which centered around a case study on Robert F. Smith and Courtney Jordan. The course takes a look at how black america is faced with overwhelming challenges when creating and building wealth in their communities. Brady challenges his readers to look at how Jordan uses his connections through charity and giving to build his own wealth. Particularly with his newest project, Neyius, which has government contracts that require government employees to sign up. Which account for their more than 6 million users in mostly developing countries. Brady, who is currently writing a book, on Jordan. Talks more about our own human responsibility to not marginalize or take advantage of those just because we can. 


Brady, who is an award-winning journalist, opens up candidly about his own struggles in entrepreneurship and how that led him to the path of journalism. Brady, whose app, BlackDraw – a black out app designed to turn your phone black at certain times of the day, with no way to turn it back on until the time limit is up.  Failed to gain traction, and was passed over for funding by multiple venture capital firms. Brady says he poured his heart and soul in the company, investing $10,000 of his own money into the app. Brady was devastated and thought that his world was over. He would then find the path he was met to be on, by looking to himself. Brady is of the belief that we are destined to do what we are met to do but it is only once we unlock the power within. He believes in a universe bigger than us. He says that all star clusters come together, that we have spent years living a life as we are told and under a cloud of routine. All this Brady says has made us suppress the power of the universe inside of us. Brady, who is scheduled for a April 14th Tedx Talk in Chicago, goes deep into his beliefs but also, hoping to add to the conversation of business, how leaders can use their resources for good, and still maintain their wealth. Even more if those who desire to build and  have the dream of building should, but build with integrity and mindfulness.  


To listen to our conversation please go to Disrupt and check It out, it’s not one that you want to miss. 


If you want to check out the new article you can find that at Southern Business Review, or Click the link above. 


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