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Some of the best kitchen appliances that every modern home must have

From computers to kitchen appliances, every product present in a modern-day household has witnessed technological advancements in the last few years. While most individuals can scarcely tell the difference between a microwave and an oven, keeping up with the changing kitchen appliances can be highly beneficial. best kitchen appliances

Besides this, there are many more appliances that have come a long way and have successfully passed the modernisation phase and exist as a necessary tool in a modern-day household. Some of these best kitchen appliances are listed below:

  •  Microwave:

 It is an abbreviated term of a longer word ‘microwave oven’ and falls under the category of a ‘must-have’ appliance in every modern-day household. A microwave, in general, is mainly used to heat or boil food. It has a magnetron embedded cavity, where the food is kept. Generally used for reheating food, a microwave is also perfect for simple cooking.

While some consumers may confuse this appliance with an oven, one should know that there are crucial differences between a microwave and an oven.

  • Oven:

This particular appliance is primarily used for cooking, although one can also reheat food here. It has an element that heats the inside surface and then heats the food. Some ovens also come with fans enabled inside so that the heat produced is uniformly spread while processing a particular food or dish. 

Primarily used for baking and roasting purposes, the heating element that used to be wood is now replaced by an electric coil or natural gas. One can also enlist this under necessary kitchen-appliances for modern domiciliary. 

So, the fundamental difference between microwave and oven is that the former serves the purpose of heating, reheating, boiling and even simmering, but the latter can be used to cook, roast, bake, and even heat (but at a slower pace than a microwave) food items.

  • Refrigerator:

Refrigerators have been of utmost importance to every household since the day of their invention. Today, it is considered one of the most basic appliances without which a kitchen is incomplete. 

Depending on your specific requirements and situation, you can choose between a wide range of single and double door fridges. Double door fridges are larger than the single-door variants and have more room inside to store vegetables, fruits and cooked items. Even the icing technology has developed so much that it takes only one hour to get a tray full of ice in the latest model.

  • Induction cooktop:

A very unique and innovative idea of re-thinking a stove concept with a magnet, induction cooktops are very much included in the list of modern kitchen appliances. These are also highly popular for the conveniences that are included with their usage. 

Induction cooktops run on electricity instead of flame or gas and require induction-based cookware. The best part is that since it uses magnetic radiations to heat utensils placed on it, the heat directly gets to the food without giving up any residual heat.

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Therefore, it can be concluded that there lies a huge difference between a microwave and oven, and a kitchen today, requires both of these, along with the other enlisted appliances.

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