Single weft vs Double weft extensions

When choosing the perfect weft hair extensions that suit your hair type and overall style, you must make the right choice. But why? Well, choosing the wrong type of hair can leave you with an undesired look that you’re not happy with and your style will look completely off should you get it wrong. That’s why it’s important to know the differences between single and double weft hair extensions. After all, investing in a fresh set of hair extensions can be quite expensive so you’re going to want all the value for money that you can get, right? Rather than being left with a product that doesn’t suit you and leaves you needing to reinvest.


What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

A hair weft, in its basic form, is a collection of hair strands sewn onto a super-thin cloth strip ready for your stylist to work into your hair. How the hair forms an attachment to that strip varies, however. Some will be machine sewn whereas others get sewn by hand. Both have their benefits, although, depending on your hair type, one may be better for you than the other.

For example, hand-tied wefts are somewhat more delicate. You cannot cut them but they are much lighter. Machine sewn wefts, however, you can cut, but they’re much heavier and often thicker at the seam.


What Are Single Weft Hair Extensions?

As the name suggests, single weft hair extensions only have one layer of hair to them. With this in mind, the weft will be a lot thinner and will be more beneficial to people not wanting the bulk and weight of a double weave.

When purchasing your virgin hair extensions, you may meet these two words, single drawn and double drawn. It’s very important to know the difference.

Single drawn hair extensions are taken from one donor and then placed in a weft.

  • The single drawn weft emulates the real hair we have. It is really thick at the root with some weathering and thinning towards the ends.
  • Single drawn extension is the most common extension type because of less work involved in processing and low cost.

What Are Double Weft Hair Extensions?

Double weft extensions are literally 2 wefts of hair sewn together on the same seem as you would a single weft extension. Our Cliphair Double weft extensions are brilliant for adding a lot of volume and length without adding tons of weight to the hair.

The main difference between single and double weft hair extensions is the thickness. As the name indicates single so the clip in extension consists of one layer unlike with double weft where the layer is now twofold. Both are useful as not everybody can benefit from double weft clip in extensions this would all depend on how much hair you are going to need.

If you already have a medium to thick hair a single weft is all you need to give your hair that extra body. Otherwise, if you have thin hair then a double weft clip-in is the perfect match for you. The right hair extension thickness is vital to give the hair just the right lift it needs.

Double wefted hair extensions are made from two wefts of hair sewn together so you get twice as much hair as the single one. You can buy this online or you can also have the option to make your own to get it more customized. There are a lot of DIY articles that give step-by-step instructions on how to make your own clip in extensions.

All you need is to buy the best quality weft extensions that is made from 100% human Remy hair. Why Remy hair? This is the best classification of human hair where hair cuticle is intact and running in the same direction. This is why remy hair is less prone to tangling compared to non-remy hair.


Compare with single weft vs double weft


You can tell the difference between single drawn and double drawn from the following aspects, hair ends, hair quality, hair lengths, hair collected resource, hair prices, and their benefits.


Hair Ends

Single Drawn hair: the hair extensions contain multiple lengths of hair, which will make the hair become thickest at the top of the hair, tapers at the middle and is thin on the ends.


While Double drawn hair is all the same length from top to bottom.T he hair is thick and full all the time. So the double drawn ends are thicker.


Hair Quality

Double Drawn virgin hair is the best quality hair weave. The terms mean to a process that draws out all the shorter lengths from a bundle, then draws again to realign the top of each bundle. The hair is arranged in equal length to create a smooth and polished look. And this would crease the cost of hair as this procedure is done by hand.


Hair Lengths

All human hair grows in cycles. While some are growing, some are dormant. This is the reason why there are so many lengths in a single drawn. Single Drawn Remy hair means only the shorter hair has been picked out, it always 2 or 3 inches. Therefore, if you had 18″length hair, some strands would be as short as 14, 16″.


Hair Collected Resource

A double-drawn hair weft is always made from multiple donor hair. It cannot be made from single donor hair. Most of the double drawn hair bundles look thick, and same thickness is available from top to tail of the hair bundle.


Hair Prices

Single-drawn hair is the most common hair extension type on the market due to less work involved in processing and manufacturing, thus the lower price. You will pay more for double drawn raw hair, but the quality, volume, and duration that the hair lasts you will far exceed single drawn hair extensions.



For girls who are looking for a most natural wig finish where masses of the volume is not important, single drawn hair is a great choice. Equally, single drawn hair is often cheaper than double drawn hair; however, if you trim the ends up by a couple of inches, they can easily be thickened to give the same overall appearance as the more expensive double drawn hair. In my opinion, it depends on personal taste and what feels and looks good on you. With the thinner wefts, you may want to double up especially with longer lengths and also depending on the style and again what feels and looks good on you.

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