Simple civil wedding decoration

Finding charming wedding ideas is a joy! And the smaller the event, the easier to implement. If you’re thinking about hosting a civil wedding dinner for a few guests, there are still many details to take care of! Simple civil wedding decoration


And to help you with that, we’ve separated some inspirations full of bossa. Try it:

FLOWER ICE CREAM for simple civil wedding decoration

Champagne must not be missing from the toast, even if it is the civil wedding dinner! And for smaller events, it’s ideal to have a self-service post for guests. To make it more charming, how about a floral ice cream?

In Constance Zahn Magazine’s Editorial Garden Roses #4 (the seventh issue is for sale at this link) the ice cubes were decorated with mini roses

Flower arrangements are always beautiful, but you can also decorate the civil wedding table with fruit, for example.

It’s cheerful, fun and, depending on the fruit, fragrant! Below is Mara Perez’s long table decorated with tangerines for an event on our website in Ilhabela.

It was one of the most charming events we’ve ever had:

Herbs are a great idea too! Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, Lavender and Co form a sustainable and super fragrant centerpiece! You can leave the herbs in small clay pots (and paint them or not) or transfer them in larger pieces, as Thais Senna did from the Let’s Receive website on this beautiful lunch table:

And how about this menu with a watercolor font and asymmetrical layout on handmade cotton paper, with handmade borders, from Carta Casa? A more than elegant technical touch on the lunch table of the decoração simples de casamento civil !

And as the number of guests is smaller, it’s worth thinking about the placeholders for each name. See how beautiful these place cards with watercolor calligraphy and mini arrangements, also from Home Letter, are:

Printed place cards can be beautiful too! For the editorial Commemoração à Italiana of Constance Zahn Magazine nº 3, Susana Fujita developed an illustration of Sicilian lemons, which follows the theme of the decoration of the scenography. And using the fruit as a support is magic!

Her dream wedding isn’t always possible. There are reasons for this, tight money or brides who have a dream bigger than reality.

Sometimes, couples just prefer to get married under civil law to make the union official and leave the party for later. And that’s why you don’t necessarily have to celebrate with your family.

Every celebration is worth it, it’s better small with good friends than many who just want to enjoy a party. It is possible to plan the civil wedding 4 months in advance and organize a small reception at your home. I guarantee that everything will be even more special and that you can celebrate later.

You can celebrate with a short walk for two in a restaurant or take the justice of the peace to your home and a small reception. Invite people very close to the couple and if you need them, instead of gifts, ask them to help with some part of the party.

Cerimônia e decoração simples de casamento civil

As there are few people and the area around will also be small, you don’t need to invest a lot and it ends up being cheap. All you need to do is place some flowers on the guest table and cake table, which can be ordered from florists or made yourself, do it yourself.

Enjoy family photos and famous Christmas lights and candles to set the scene. These are items that we have at home and that we only use once a year.

Tip! A darker environment hides imperfections and still gives the environment a romantic and charming touch. At guests’ tables, place the cutlery wrapped in a colored paper napkin as shown in the photo below.

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