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Significance of Vastu for study table – explains vastu consultant in Kolkata

The importance of education is unparallel. And thus, it comes as no surprise that vastu consultant in Kolkata focuses so much on the Vastu for study table.

Vastu for study table is extremely crucial factor that determines the overall academic performance of the students. 

Today, we will understand the significance of Vastu for study table, as explained by vastu consultant in Kolkata.

But at first, we will understand why having a study table is a crucial commodity for a student. 

The importance of study table

Having a study table in every student’s room is crucial, since it is not just furniture. 

Even after long hours at school and tuitions, the students also need to study and practice for a significant time at home.

It mainly includes completing the home assignments, project works and preparing for exams. 

Study table allows the student to place their study materials organized neatly and carry out these tasks.

Having a study table, as per vastu consultant in Kolkata, offers the student motivation and concentration; due to which it enhances the performance of education. 

Moreover, doctors highly recommend adapting the habit of sitting on chair with study table to promote good posture. 

In contrast, when students don’t use a study table and sit on either bed or couch for studying, it leads to some adverse effect. 

Physically, it causes strain in their backbone which results in cramps and body ache. 

Psychologically, it causes lethargy and fatigue among students and makes them less interested in studies.  

Thus, from both perspective of vastu consultant in Kolkata and doctors, it is only right that a study table is used while studying. 

Significance of Vastu for study table

As per vastu consultant in Kolkata, each direction plays a crucial role in determining the right vastu of any section or object.

To ensure good outcome of using study table, you need to follow Vastu for study table. But how does that work?

Well, to make sure a student performs well, you need to give him or her access to study material, good teachers and ideal surrounding to study well. 

Even if you offer them good teachers and study material, they still need to have adequate concentration while studying and capability to form and retain academic-related memories.

Usually, as the student reaches higher standards, they more time they need to stay focused and engaged in studies. 

However, it is not uncommon to see that many students find it difficult to study persistently. They get easily distracted and stay unfocused.

Needles to say, under these guidelines it is almost certain that the students will perform poorly

Vastu consultant in Kolkata says this are often due to random placement of the study table. 

If it is not corrected on time, it can have adverse effect on the student. They can stay being mediocre even if they have potential to perform well. 

This is when the role of vastu consultant in Kolkatacomes in. They offer useful guidelines related to Vastu for study table. 

After implementing these vastu remedies, you can ensure that your child can focus on studying for long hours. 

Furthermore, it evokes interest and motivation for studies. It can also help building academic related memories. 

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the students are more likely to excel in academic.

What are the guidelines related to vastu study table?

There are some basic guidelines that vastu consultant in Kolkataoffers and you need to follow to ensure good vastu for study table and children’s room overall. 

Let us take a quick glance at them-

  1. Make sure that the study room or children’s room is placed as per vastu rules.
  2. Keep the room and the study table clean and clutter free. 
  3. Utilize the sunlight during day and use artificial lamp to keep the place well lit. This will remove negative energy and fills it with positive ones. 
  4. Never face towards a window while studying. 
  5. Place the study table in the zone of West of South West (WSW) or North East.
  6. Do not cluster all the study material on the study table. Pick the ones you need for one session and keep the neatly inside the study closet.
  7. The ideal color for study room changes depending upon its zone. Seek guidance from vastu consultant in Kolkataaccordingly. 

In general, use soft shades of light colors in the study room to enhance the vastu. You need to consult vastu expert for more details. 

  1. Install a suitable vastu item in an ideal zone to enhance the vastu for study table.
  2. Worship Goddess Saraswati, the deity of knowledge, routinely to seek her blessings. 
  3.  Make sure to remove any mirror or TV or computer from the study room as it causes too much distraction. 
  4.  Ensure that the student does not face towards a window while studying. Make the arrangement facing a wall instead. Cover the blank wall with motivational posters and quotes. 
  5. Pay attention to the sleeping direction vastu as well. It can boost the performance of the students. 


If you have any queries about Vastu for study table, you can reach out to our expert vastu consultant in Kolkatafor the same. 


After implementing the vastu for study table as suggested, you can find that it will improvise the overall performance of your children in their academic aspect.

But remember that to ensure best vastu, you must discuss all the details with the vastu expert. 

In case you want to ensure good vastu for study table as well, you can reach out to the expert vastu consultant in Kolkata, Mr. Pinaki Pal, at Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- Today we will understand the significance of Vastu for study table, as explained by vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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