Selecting Event Managers for Your Event Planning Business

Event management is the successful management of any kind of large or small event, spanning from private personal affairs such as weddings and parties, right through to large corporate events such as business to client (B2C) gatherings and conferences.

Event management is a highly skilled and creative field, which involves many aspects of planning, production, and execution. In addition to all these different components, there are many tools that can be used to help the event manager to plan, produce and execute an event successfully.

Here are some useful tips and advice for those considering event management.


Backup Plan

The first important tip for event management professionals is to make sure you have a backup plan. Most professionals will agree that it is much easier to give a venue one night and hope you get results than to try and do a bit of everything and then discover you didn’t have enough time to pull it off.

It is especially important not to start early with your event planning, as sometimes things can still go wrong even if you have started several weeks ago. This means you should ensure you have a backup plan in place for the eventuality that you might have problems with a particular element of your plan, such as a speaker or hire.


Reputation of the event management company

Next, you will want to check the reputation of the management company you are considering using. There are many well-established companies out there, and quite a few have been around for many years.

There is also the potential risk of a substandard company providing you with poor quality products or services. It is important to ask for references and testimonies from past clients of the venue you are thinking of using, as well as looking at pictures of the venue and staff during different times and months of the year.

If you cannot visit the venue in question, make a note of its location and times of operation.

Technology Used

A large part of the event management proposal is what type of technology will be used, and this will determine the amount of money the event management company will charge. It is advisable to find out whether or not they offer any web-based tools that allow for the creation of online project plans, and also whether they have any expertise in video or photo editing systems.

This can make a big difference when trying to finalize your budget. If you are paying out of pocket to use web-based tools, it may be worth investing a little more in an online event management company to ensure you don’t run into any problems later on.


Most event management companies will work to a definite timeline for their clients, and this is something you should look at closely. There is no point hiring an event manager at the last minute if it’s not something that is going to be done within a certain period of time.

An event manager should ideally be established within the industry for at least five years, as this shows they have experience and they can provide a detailed event management proposal with a detailed plan of action.

Look at their website for references of previous clients and also check out their credentials. Do not hire an event manager that has never planned a successful event before or one without a suitable portfolio to show potential clients.


Many organizations struggle to hire the necessary staff and the event organizer may not have the necessary experience to lead them effectively. The majority of successful management proposals are led by the event organizer themselves, and this gives the client some insight into how they work and the way they see things through.

They can give you ideas for ways to incorporate technology into your events such as using an internet marketing agency to run e-marketing campaigns, social media marketing, web analytics, and search engine optimization.

Most companies will have several successful events on their books, which can act as a benchmark for the success of yours.

Use a web-based event planning service

Using a web-based event planning service is much easier than trying to find and employ your own event planners such as  but you will pay a premium price. A good planner will be well versed in all the different options available and be able to offer you the experience that you require.

Most reputable planners will provide a free initial meeting so that you can get to know them and get a feel for the service they offer. This is where you should find out about their qualification and experience in event management, and if possible take a look at some of their work. This will give you a good indication of whether they will be the right person to manage your event.


The most important thing is that your chosen planners understand the value of back-up plans and will do anything in their power to keep your event running smoothly.

A good planner will make sure that all aspects of your event are covered and your staff can focus on doing the things they do best. They should make events run smoothly by ensuring that every aspect of the plan is adhered to from the smallest detail to the largest and by planning every single element of the day for maximum impact. They will make events run smoothly by ensuring that your staff members know what to do and when, and will take every measure to ensure that everything goes to plan.


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