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Looking for a scheduling and dispatch platform to take care of your operations?

Scheduling and dispatching softwares are crucial for service provider companies to compete in today’s business world as the methods to compete and excel are changing. To provide exceptional customer engagement, achieve excellent utilization of crew and equipment, and make data-driven decisions, crew management softwares has become integral for the businesses. scheduling and dispatch

Upon research, you will find plenty of schedules, and dispatch softwares but not every platform would be the right fit for your organization. And indeed, you can not find the right software before trying it once, which may further exacerbate low-profit margins for your company. As a company, do you want to get stuck in something that does not improve the efficiency of your route planning, scheduling, and dispatch process? Of course not. 

So, let me share some valuable tips to look for essential features in any schedule and dispatch software to opt for the right solution for your company. 

Powerful Optimization Engine

Route optimization engine is a critical characteristic for field management software as it assists you to cut down fuel usage and provide quick service to your clients. The optimization process considers organizational constraints and essential factors such as the number of signals, alternative routes available, health efficiency of your vehicle, maximum work hours allowed, etc. to find an optimal solution that satisfies your organizational constraints requires thousands of simulations to run in the background. If the optimization engine can not handle that many permutations, it would either get stuck or suggest sub-optimal route plans. Moreover, the optimization tool must have the capability to respond to the unanticipated change in routes quickly.
Therefore, you must run a sub-optimal, huge number of simulations before any solution as your business will grow over time, and it would be hard to adopt a new solution. 

Supercharge Communication

Many companies fail to retain their customers because of the lack of communication between your field crew, dispatchers, customers, and departments. The communication gap leads to expanded response time to resolve the queries and customers feel being left alone in the dark. 

A powerful crew management software would supercharge your communication by providing you a platform for two-way communication between different departments and stakeholders. Through job journals, your customer would be empowered to track the progress of certain tasks, expected arrival time and delays in the service, etc. Such a feature would reduce the number of check-ins and calls that your customers would have to make to know the status of their task. 

Integrated Platform

Each company uses different add-ons and applications for various purposes. So, Checking multiple applications to get a single piece of information or to get a small task is not just tedious but a torturing process also. 

An efficient crew and equipment scheduling software would allow integration of CRMs and applications to have just one information hub. Besides, the field crew scheduling platform would empower your customers by providing innovative solutions to scheduling problems.

Easy to use interface

If a layman can not understand the scheduling software, then there is no point in opting for such a solution because it would take more time to create the task and follow-up on activities than usual.
The chosen solution must have an interface that presents the information in a very easy-to-understand manner. To make things easier, the platform must empower the user to look at the information in more than one view. This would improve their interaction with the solution and make your dispatchers and field crew more productive. 

Considering above mentioned feature, I would strongly recommend you to look at Arrivy’s route planning, scheduling, and dispatch solution

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