Ruby stone

Ruby stone and its beneficial uses leads to enhancement of personality-Reasons explained

Did you know that Ruby stone is also known as the Manikya stone? Ruby stone is one of those popular gemstones which were known to the world of gemstones with ease. It is one of the most powerful and mystical gemstones which have been known for its wonderful impact and outcomes. Ruby stone marks the power of Sun.

This article aims to discuss about ruby stone including bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings used both as the centerpiece gemstone in pendants along with secondary stone to complement other kinds of gemstones. Pankaj Khanna, founder of Khanna gems manages the gemstones and its benefits.

  • Sun is indeed a paternal figure

Sun is known to have figured out as a paternal figure. Since the ancient times, Hindus have been worshipping the Sun and its powers and offer prayers and hymns to get the blessings of powerful Sun. Once you start chanting the mantra of the Sun on daily basis, you start receiving blessings of Sung God and the manik stone starts working faster than expected.

  • Ruby stone is a great power of mental strength

Ruby is great for strengthening the mental strength. It is important to know about its astrological benefits. According to the Vedic literature, it represents the Navel Chakra inside one’s body. The naval chakra stimulates the inner-self and removes the self-doubt along with depression. The cost of the the stone makes it one of the most popular gemstones of all.

  • Ruby stone presents power and action

As per the Vedic astrology, ruby stone represents power and action. A person wearing this gemstone will experience a boost in the self-confidence and passion towards life. Focus in life increases with a much bigger mentality to do something. It is highly recommended. It is about creating the blessings and the wearer immediately.

  • Extensive necklaces with rings and earrings

It is extensive and necklaces with rings and earrings. Ruby stone with the crimson colour used. Large ruby gems are extremely rare and valuable. Fine coloured Ruby lives with deep red colour along with excellent transparency. It can reach several thousand rupees per ratti. Ruby stone offers with Manik Ratna and is rich in its astrological benefits. Price of ruby stone makes it a trendy gemstone to buy.


  • Sun holds pivotal position in Hindu culture

Sun holds a pivotal position in Hindu culture and traditions. The nurturer holds vital energy provider. The Sun is the soul of the universe. Ruby gemstones imbibe most of the qualities from the Sun making it strong with much-revered gemstone by all.  The wearer feels great and the gemstone brigs luck to him or her.

  • The wearer is filled with confidence and motivation

The wearer of the ruby gemstone overcomes timidity easily. People find it difficult to get themselves out from the frustrating situations. Wearers of this gemstone experience more and more leadership qualities.  The sun is a natural Atma Karaka. It helps the wearer to get the stone boost of one’s confidence. The opinion towards one’s self is highly activated and the person stays cool and focused at every work they do.


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