Automatic shutters

Rolling Shutters are best investment for your business

Electric shutters or electric roll-ups are the simplest, most accessible and least expensive option of automatic doors, of the parking type. This automatic parking door is for the safety of shops, the safety of doors and windows, and the separation of spaces from each other and many It is used in other cases.

Electric shutter door can be considered as a system that has been created from a combination of old manual shutters and electronic motor. In fact, it can be said that these systems have become intelligent through the use of these tools and equipment. It should be noted that automatic parking shutters are currently used in many spaces. The wide application of these electric doors is because these systems can prevent energy loss. Shutter doors, on the other hand, take up little space and are easy and quick to install.

Cheap and efficient electric shutters

Since almost all of us are familiar with the use of shutters, we have definitely noticed the simple operation of this electric door. However, it should be said that this simple function requires quality equipment due to the high friction of the parts and the pressure on them, and more importantly, a reputable company should support these equipment used in electric roll-up. Otherwise, it will definitely incur irreparable costs and damages in a short period of time.

Types of electric shutters

Electric shutter doors can be divided into composite, lattice, perforated shutters in terms of layout. From the point of view of motor type, these systems can be classified into types of side motors, central motors, tubular motors or tubular motors. In this article, we will deal with different types of electric shutters based on blades.

  • In shutters with aluminum blades: These types of blades are anti-scratch and anti-cor It is more useful for sheds and shops than houses. So the engine has a longer life. Shutters with aluminum blades are more affordable than other types.
  • Electric drives for shutters with blade-coated blade of galvanized compared to aluminum more robust is the reason for parking houses of this type of blade used, but should this issue be noted that these blades scratch-resistant are And in case of scratches, there is a possibility of rust.
  • Shutter door with polycarbonate blade: This type of blade is stainless, scratch-resistant and fireproof and due to its high strength, it is usually used in security centers. These blades are available in various colors and compared to other blades are more expensive.

Automatic shutters consist of several different parts, the most important of which are the roll-up blade, which is usually made of aluminum. Electric shutter motor that has various models with different dimensions and weight bearing in the market, but its side model is currently the most used. The board of the device, which has all the different settings and connections, from the remote connection to the connection of various modules, including a protective eye next to the door, which prevents the door from hitting people or cars left behind when closing, or a flasher that announces this. The door is being opened or closed to those around. Or other features related to automatic shutters, such as license plate readers or tag readers, are installed and implemented on the electric roll-up board.

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