Proven Strategies to Top JEE Mains Exam

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Having dreams about cracking the JEE main can give aspirants goosebumps. This is so because the JEE entrance exam has high competition. Clearing this exam requires formulating excellent strategies that can help you to prepare for the exam really well. Your preparation should not be restricted and should be based on the exam pattern of JEE main. The paper tests the learning ability and aptitude of aspirants so creating strategies will prove beneficial.

You should start on time as the syllabus for the exam is colossal and would require ample time to study and revise thoroughly. Make sure you are dedicated and passionate enough for clearing this exam as it is not easy and will require your constant hard work efforts to top the JEE exam.

If you have aimed to clear the exam, here are a few proven strategies to top JEE main;

1. A good educator & study material 

The very first thing to do is to make sure that you have an excellent educator who teaches all concepts with high clarity and at the same time provides adequate and excellent study material. Your whole preparation is dependent on these factors. While a good educator can also help you to clear doubts and make your weak sections strong, the study material is from where you will be making your notes for revising it throughout, so make sure you have the best 

2. Constant revision 

Every day revising what you have learned is a valuable habit. Instead of first completing the syllabus and then starting with the revision can end up wasting your time. So make sure that every day you dedicate a fixed time to revising. This way, you will not be forgetting anything that you have learned. The constant revision will also ensure that you have learned the concepts well. The proper revision also helps to boost confidence, so make sure revision is part of your everyday life.

3. Try Previous year questions after every topic 

Learn every topic with full concentration and try to understand all the aspects of the given concepts. Once done with the topic, try to pick up the previous year questions asked from that topic. This way you will be able to cover all the types of questions ranging from simpler ones to the most difficult ones. You will also have a regular practice of revision with this type of technique. Previous year questions can also help you to understand the difficulty level and pattern of the JEE Main exam.

4. Understand the JEE Main Syllabus

Understanding JEE Main Syllabus is the most important part of your preparation. Without accurate knowledge of the syllabus, it will not be possible to score well. Try to get the JEE Main syllabus printed and stick it on your study table. You can tick mark the topics once you complete it, this way it will be made sure that all the topics are covered and no topic is left even by mistake. Also, the syllabus is like a  boundary all the questions will be asked from within, so for scoring good marks, make understanding the syllabus your priority 

5. Mock tests and quiz 

One of the best techniques to score high is to have revision and practice together. Giving Mocks is the best way to self assess your preparation. The other benefit of mock tests and quizzes is that you can know whether you have the right speed to answer the questions within the stipulated time. As we know that speed and time play an important role in qualifying for the exam it is best to check yours by giving mocks. There are plenty of free mocks available on the internet so you can go for the free attempt.

6. Make a to-do list every night for the next day

While preparing for your exam it is best to keep a tab of your everyday progress. Completing everyday goals is good but also keeping track of topics that are going pending is equally important. Every night you check and make plans for the next day. This can help you to be on time and no pending concepts will be left. You can also make a study plan for the next day on topics that you feel need more time to study. Overall, this is a good strategy to continue good preparation every day.

7. Take interest in what you are studying 

Taking interest in what you are studying is helpful in retaining the knowledge. You will stay positive and will feel mentally relaxed even when you study for a long period of time. Taking interest will also help you to perform better in the JEE exam as your interest level will remain constant throughout. Remember a topper is a person who has distinguished passion and dedication for studies so try to instil the same level of interest in you

8. Stay positive and be motivated 

A lot of stress comes when we talk about qualifying for the JEE exam and if you are planning to top the exam then there is doubt a lot of pressure that comes with it. Aiming to top the exam means keeping yourself motivated. You may want to reach good motivational videos or read good motivational stories. This will keep your spirits high and keep you all positive. Also, stay positive and motivated will also prevent you from getting distracted 


Aiming to top JEE is a good thought and if you have made your mind then make sure to follow these tips and tricks. Above mentioned strategies are proven to be beneficial in topping the exam. You can also try to give these strategies a personalised touch as it will be more helpful for a good score. It is also recommended that you can research the web or watch the toppers’ videos and get to know their day to day activities, daily schedule and study timetable. Also, the above-mentioned strategies are great for topping the exam without making you feel overstressed.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming JEE main exam.