Pros and cons of WPC exterior wall cladding

How much do you know about the WPC exterior wall cladding? WPC exterior wall cladding is an outdoor decorative item that is becoming popular for decorating your exterior walls. It is an application of wood plastic composite material, other applications of this material include WPC fence and WPC decking, which is also becoming more of a patio decoration for your house.


What is WPC wall cladding?

WPC exterior wall cladding is a type of wall cladding made from wood-plastic composite panels. WPC is a mixture of wood powder and plastic. WPC is an excellent wall cladding material that is durable, insulating, and adds to the aesthetics of the building. It is a versatile and reasonably priced wall decoration solution. It can be used to create artistic spaces. With WPC exterior wall cladding installed, you can have individual eye-catching spaces. A wide variety of WPC exterior wall cladding is available in the market today, with a wide choice of colors, textures, styles, and performance.


Pros and cons of WPC exterior wall cladding

So what are the pros and cons of WPC exterior wall cladding?



Pros of WPC exterior wall cladding

  1. Excellent weather resistance

It can resist any harsh climatic conditions and is highly safe from chemicals, rain, and heat. Protects buildings from heat, rain, wind, extreme weather, fire, moisture, pests, etc.


  1. Excellent insulation performance

WPC exterior wall cladding is a special kind of insulator. It can achieve temperature control well and provide a comfortable experience for the people living in the house.


  1. Stable structure

WPC exterior wall cladding is not easily deformed by temperature changes and is an installation solution that can maintain color and dimensional stability for a long time.


  1. Easy installation

WPC exterior wall cladding can be installed by splicing with each other, and it has become a material considered by many builders because of the relative simplicity of installation.


  1. Sustainable material

The material composition of WPC exterior wall cladding is green and recyclable, and the recyclable WPC material reduces the possible negative impact of the building on the environment and human social life.


  1. Good color fixation

WPC exterior wall cladding is treated with high-quality UV inhibiting pigments, etc., so it can withstand direct sunlight and other factors in the environment for a long time. The color will not fade over time.


  1. Long life span

WPC exterior wall cladding has a long service life due to its durability.


Cons of WPC exterior wall cladding

Compared with other materials used for the same purpose, it is a bit more costly.



  1. boards is extracted from recyclables, and the discarded WPC boards can also be recycled, which is completely environmentally friendly.


Cons of WPC boards

  1. Higher initial cost compared to other materials.
  2. Lower resistance to extreme temperatures than wood.



Compared to the disadvantages, WPC boards have more benefits and are a long-lasting item. This is due to its material itself. Therefore, other interior and exterior decorative products of the same material also bring these benefits.

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