President Biden

President Biden will develop a coronavirus strategy aim at boosting the federal response.

At the White House on Thursday, President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and also her husbands watched the virtual presidential inaugural prayer service. President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and her husband watched the virtual presidential inauguration prayer service at the White House.

President Biden, who used his first day in office on Thursday to crack down on the coronavirus, vowed to bring his executive authority under control and end perhaps the worst public health crisis in a century.


In a 200-page document released Thursday

Titled “National Covid-19 Response and National Preparedness Strategy for National Strategy,” the new administration outlines the kind of country-focused federal response that the Democrats have long demanded and rejected. time by President Trump.

To implement this, Mr. Beadon will sign a dozen executive orders or actions at an afternoon White House event. Shortly after being sworn in on Wednesday, he signed an order requiring all federal property and all federal employees to wear masks. And he asked all Americans to exercise the utmost caution for 100 days.

However, the Biden plan is too optimistic in some respects and a bit bold in others. His promise of 100 million vaccine injections in his first 100 days is dwindling, as that number should double over 100 days.

Since currently approved coronavirus vaccines require two doses, Mr. Biden promises to vaccinate only 50 million Americans.

There is a problem beyond the 100-day mark. Federal health officials and corporate officials agreed that it would be impossible to supply vaccines anytime before April due to a shortage of production capacity. And no use of federal authority can change that quickly.


On Capitol Hill

Louisiana’s No. 2 House Republican, Rep. Steve Scalise said that the promise to fire “100 million shots to the guns of the American people” in the first 100 days in Mr. Biden’s office was insufficient.

“Comments from the White House coronavirus judges on the supply and distribution of the vaccine are old Washington tricks,” Mr. Scalise said in a statement. “The fact is that the Biden administration inherited a 300 million dose vaccine. To contract for two approved vaccines and is in the final stages of two clinical trials.”

Biden’s team has pointed the finger at what they see as a failure of the Trump administration.

“The legacy we’ve inherited is so bad that we can’t even imagine it,” said Jeff Gents. The White House’s new Covid-19 response coordinator. “The lack of cooperation from the Trump administration is a barrier.” We don’t have the visibility and we would expect in supply and allocation.

Efforts to distribute and accelerate vaccines, perhaps the most challenging way for the Biden administration to move forward. It will be a frustrating race against time, as states across the country. Including New York and California, have warned they could end. with the dose before. a week.

Local officials are hopeful that the Beadon administration will increase vaccine production to provide a second dose for a larger pool of qualified individuals. Production of the approved Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in the US is running smoothly. It is unclear whether the administration could significantly expand the overall supply at any time.

Although, Biden indicated that his administration would release more doses and keep reserves low. He said last week that he would not change the proposed time for the second dose: 21 days. After the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and 26 days for Moderna.

The administration is asking Congress for $ 1.9 trillion to get rid of the epidemic. And White House officials say they will need a lot more money to implement their Covid-19 plan.

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