Pre-medical Check-ups When Buying A Health Insurance

Are you planning on buying a health insurance policy? It could be the best decision you will make for yourself and your family! 

Here are tips to help you avoid rejection on your application and ensure the utmost safety of your family.

Let us enlighten you with pre-medical health check-ups. It is a step you must not miss. Almost all insurance companies, like Manipalcigna health insurance, signify applications with pre-medical check-ups. 

What Is a Pre-Health Check-Up?

A pre-medical check-up is a medical test conducted to assess your current health status before finalizing the medical insurance policy. All health insurance companies request a pre-medical check-up from each applicant.

They do this to ensure the applicant is fit for the policy and hasn’t lied in the application. Among many such reasons, one is to check whether the premium charged is adequate.

Further, it serves as a basis of the policy in cases of particular disease-based insurance or for senior applicants.

Therefore, if you are ready with a pre-medical check-up result before the requirement, it presents you as a responsible applicant. Also, it might increase your chances of getting accepted. 


Purpose of a Pre-Health Check-Up

There are several reasons why your insurance company emphasizes your pre-medical check-up. Some of the reasons you should know of are-


  • Benchmark

For a medical insurance policy, your pre-medical check-up acts as the benchmark. It means that your insurer formulates your health policy based on your health condition revealed in the medical check-up.


  • Pre-Existing Illness

One thing all medical insurers are wary about is any pre-existing disease. It is because any pre-existing disease can increase the probability of a claim. So, the insurer charges a premium accordingly or could even reject the application.


  • Exclusions

After comparing your application and your health check-up, insurance companies decide what should be included in the policy. For example, if they find some ailment that could change the stats and resort to very high premiums, they exclude it from the policy. As a result, all claims related to that illness will not get covered.


Are Pre-Health Check-Ups Necessary?

Most health insurance companies make it mandatory for you to go for a pre-medical check-up. Then they use it to decide the terms of your policy and assess your application.

Further, above a certain age, every company compulsorily takes a pre-medical check-up. It is because, with age, your health deteriorates, increasing the probability of a claim.

Similarly, in the case of larger cover insurance policies, a pre-medical check-up is mandatory. This way, the company tries to mitigate the possibility of future claims.


What Are the Benefits of Pre-Health Check-Ups for You?

It is not just the insurance company that benefits from your pre-medical check-up. You might not realize, but they have in store even more benefits for you.

Some of those we are sure will motivate you to get one before buying your policy are-

  • Risk is high in case of higher uncertainty, and a higher risk implies a higher premium. So, when the insurer is aware of all your health conditions with a check-up, this uncertainty risk is reduced. Thus, you pay relatively lower premiums. 
  • Numerous health insurance companies award you for honestly undergoing a pre-medical check-up. So, you might get a worthy discount on your policy.
  • Finally, a pre-medical check-up makes you aware of your own body. Consequently, you can take better care of yourself in the future.

You can reduce your as well as your insurer’s stress level with a pre-medical check-up. Further, to motivate you, IRDA has rules that the insurer will pay at least 50% of the cost of a pre-medical check-up. Sometimes, insurers, like ManipalCigna health insurance, pay the whole amount if your application is accepted.

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