Post Treatment Care After Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening is an outpatient treatment done to whiten your teeth, making your smile look good for aesthetic reasons. Various methods are available to whiten your teeth, including home whitening treatments or doctor-appointed whitening treatments, bleaching, or non-bleaching treatments. Most of the treatments use bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide present in the concentration of 10 to 45 percent. Fort Lauderdale teeth whitening treatments can help you whiten your teeth by trained professionals. 


Whitening treatments will last for many weeks depending upon the patients’ oral and dental care activities. There are, however, specific measures you need to take after whitening treatments to make the results last longer. These include:

  • Avoid colored or pigmented foods and drinks:

Consumption of pigmented foods and drinks, especially dark-colored products, can stain your teeth and create blemishes. Red wine, cherries, chocolate, coffee, tea, beetroots, dark sauces like soy sauce, juices, blueberries, cola, and mustard are highly pigmented foods. 

  • Avoid smoking:

Apart from causing various health-related issues, smoking or chewing tobacco can stain your teen yellow or dark yellow resulting in a poor dental appearance.

  • Do not consume acidic food:

During the procedure of teeth whitening, the pores and tubules of gums and enamel get weakened. Consumption of acidic foods and drinks will severely damage these pores and cause oral problems like decaying. People having undergone teeth whitening treatments should avoid acidic foods and beverages like soda, lemon, and pickles. 

  • Avoid hot and cold meals and drinks:

Consumption of hot and cold meals and drinks will cause sensitivity which will result in mild pain. The sensitivity usually passes in 24 to 48 hours. Provide sensitivity care by using teeth-sensitive toothpaste for brushing and rinsing. 

  • Touch up treatment at home:

Your dentist may give you some whitening gels and take-home trays for at-home touch-ups. However, you have to schedule a retreatment appointment after 6-8 months. 

  • Practice regular oral and dental hygiene:

Remember brushing your teeth, flossing, and cleaning your tongue daily. Wash your mouth after meals to avoid staining by food. 

  • Foods to eat:

Particular food promotes cleaning and at the same time provides necessary nutrients like crunchy fruits and vegetables. You can eat foods like apples, celery, and carrots. Make sure to high calcium-rich meals to promote healthy teeth. Remain hydrated by drinking enough water.


  1. Talk to your dentist and take special care if dental problems like pain, inflammation of gums, cheeks, and lips occur. Your specialist will prescribe you some pain relievers if sensitivity and pain persist. 
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