Park View Homes Park View City Islamabad

Park View Homes Park View City Islamabad

Park View City is an under-construction spectacular housing project by The Vision Group with CDA approval. Moreover, it is located at the heart of Islamabad (Zone IV). Furthermore, This beautiful housing project is located between the beautiful lush green views and hills around the town. Park View City Home block also provides a 400 feet wide main Boulevard that gives direct access from the highway into this gated society, and one can also enter through Kurri Road. Similarly, this project has the NOC from CDA and offers a safe and reasonable deluxe living style. Additionally, This housing society is popular among real estate experts due to its mesmeric views and high-end amenities.

Location and Map

Location is the main aspect when it comes to investing in real estate. Moreover, This is such a vital characteristic that most experienced real estate investors consider location the top priority when grabbing property. Park View City Islamabad location is locatable at Zone IV Malot road near lush green Bani Gala Hills. It is also situated next to Park Enclave adjacent to Bahria Enclave Islamabad, within a distance of about 5 minutes’ drive from the park road, only 10 minutes’ drive from Serena Hotel Islamabad, and an only 1-minute walk from the lush green Botanical Garden.

Payment Plan

Development Status

This block is near its completion, and the booking of the plots has started. Moreover, this block is just near too much hyped overseas block. Furthermore, this block includes a boundary wall with a complete road network alongside all the essential services. In this block, almost 80% of the infrastructural development is complete. Moreover, the rest of the block is speeding up its way to completion and will guarantee timely delivery to the investors. Apart from that, a 200ft main boulevard would also be completed in no time. This housing society is believed to be tough competition to other upcoming housing ventures in Islamabad, i.e. Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC Status .


This block is going to be an ideal block with unparallel amenities. Besides, it is well planned with a complete view and functionality to provide a magnificent well-established living. It also aims to bring a new description to a fine establishment and the future of housing projects. Following are some of its important features, which make it different from other blocks.


This block aims to be the personification of luxury in Park View City. Along with that, this block would have a cinema with IMAX and 3D technology. Furthermore, Huge shopping malls and commercial zones that involve bigger brand names would be developed. Such malls would cater to all the needs and provide a pleasant, suitable shopping experience. 

Civic Centers

This block would also have civic centers that allow the residents to enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor games and other sports, like a bowling alley, swimming pool, cricket, tennis, mini-golf, etc.


A huge, purposefully designed world-class hospital would be constructed in the heart of this block to cater to health needs. Likewise, the hospital would have modern-day apparatus and modern technology for the aid of residents.


The most elegant and beautiful mosque would be built within the society to cater to the religious needs of residents.

Gated Society

In addition, this block would be completely gated, with its neighborhood surrounded by a boundary wall covering all project sides. Moreover, It is beautiful, well facilitated, safe, and secure for the inhabitants to live in a secure environment for the family. 

Non-stop Utilities Supply

Necessities such as water, gas, and electricity are the foremost priorities for Park View City Islamabad owners. Moreover, this block would provide it throughout the entire project round the clock. Additionally, Park View City is distinct compared to other housing projects in the region, as it is naturally blessed with abundant underground water resources and the Gumrah river right next.

Free from Load Shedding

The main mission of the owners is to make the entire project free from load shedding. So, a small water dam construction would take place, including an electric power plant to guarantee a 24/7 electric supply.

24/7 Surveillance

Park View City prioritizes the security of its residents. Furthermore, it is significant for the residents to feel safe and at home. For security purposes, the developers would install a wide network of CCTV cameras throughout the entire housing society.


The overall outline of this block is incomprehensible, and after its operative execution, Park View would become one of the most excellent real estate ventures in Islamabad. Moreover, Park View Home block shows a predictable speculation opportunity for both investors and those who wish to own a home for themselves in it. Anyone can easily book a property in the Park View Home Block by calling our dedicated agents at Estate land marketing. We have a crew of real estate and marketing specialists who would guide the investors about Park View City Islamabad.


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