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Orefrontimaging – In truth, I’m a bit of a techno-nerd. I love the way that technology offers transformed our lives. Just think about this – can you even think about life without your smartphone? When was the last period you actually “remembered” someone’s telephone number? And don’t even think about becoming productive without a computer. The fact is, for better or even worse, we have become highly determined by technology.

Enough of the preamble, you say? I thought this short article would show me how to get suit fast using my cell phone? How can a phone enable you to get fit? Well, here’s the solution – applications. That’s right. Several seriously cool applications that you can use on your smartphone can undoubtedly show you how to get fit quickly.

Orefrontimaging – One of my absolute faves is called JEFIT. If you’re seriously interested in getting fit and have a google phone, then JEFIT can be a must-have. Here are just a few of their features:

Workout Planner

· User-friendly routine manager.

· Create your workout routines quickly using built-in exercises or maybe customize your own

· Adaptable sets for each exercise

· Create Super-Sets

· Make multiple routines – Bulking fiber, Cutting, etc.

Smart Visiting System

· Automatically type weights and reps

· Automatically record your one particular Rep Maximum (1RM)

· Automatically save your best elevate for each exercise

· Watch log details quickly applying Calendar Mode

Progress Checking

· Track lifting along with body stats via Graphical Chart

· Body fat, top, weight, and body rank

· Automatically calculate your whole body Mass Index (BMI)

Orefrontimaging – These are typically just a few of the features in this efficient application. One of my favorite characteristics is the integrated logs. For instance, when I bring up my training program and access a particular exercise – it shows me what I did for that exercise during the past workouts. For those who want to turn your lifts and distributors each time, this is invaluable advice to have at your fingertips.

Additionally, suppose you complete a given exercise. In that case, it provides you the option to save the idea to the log AND start some predetermined timer for relaxing and preparing for the following physical exercise.

In closing, I find JEFIT to be an excellent exercise application.


· Tons of functions

· Progress Logs

· Stats

· Database associated with Exercises and Customizable Workouts

· Animation showing proper exercise form

· Capability to setup multiple routines and switch between them


· Not quite as intuitive as it might be

If you want to learn how to workout fast… by all means, use your cell phone.

Orefrontimaging – Vincent Lee Alston has been around the computer field for over 20 years. He’s done work for The actual Army Corps of Technicians, American Express, and Very first National Bank, to name a few.

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