Opt for extraordinary property management services from Unicare

If you are looking for a top-notch property management service provider around you, then Unicare is the solution for you. Unicare is one of the fastest growing property management companies around you. We provide you with seamless property management solutions that include rental management services, rental agreement, property management and cleaning and much more. Will take care of every aspect of property management starting from advertising, screening, rent collection and repair. We provide you with end to end property management services.

The services we offer:

If you are looking forward to getting your living space cleaned in best possible way, then you can check out our services. A beautiful and clean living space indicates a healthy lifestyle and a better environment. Our skilled workforce will remove all kinds of dust and debris from your home and protect you against any kind of viruses and pathogens. Some of our Property Management Services in Chennai have been mentioned below:

M&E services:

We offer extraordinary mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services to our customers and our modern services are available for both fresh and reconstruction projects. We have handled a huge variety of projects over the past few years and this has allowed us to gain sufficient experience in this field.

Building maintenance:

Every building requires regular maintenance for an elongated lifespan. Our maintenance services include waste removal, staircase cleaning, corridor cleaning, common area cleaning, swimming pool maintenance, glass cleaning and much more. You can connect with us for specific building maintenance services and we will provide you with exactly what you require at an extremely affordable price.

Pest control services:

You can get in touch with us for pest control services. Our services involve general disinfections, mosquito control, anti-cockroach treatment, and beehive elimination. anti-termite treatment and much more. With our services, you will be able to keep your surroundings free from pests. This eliminate the chance of getting affected by serious diseases.

Landscaping services:

We will help you in the construction and maintenance of green areas in your residence. Our landscaping services involve potted plant maintenance, parking space management. Our Property Management Services in Chennai also include the cleaning of exterior spaces.

Facade cleaning:

External surfaces are extremely important for a building and they can improve the efficiency of an organisation. That why we are here to provide you with high quality external cleaning services. We will make sure that all your surfaces are sparkling clean. We use different cleaning techniques to remove grease, stain and dust from your surfaces.

Cobweb cleaning:

Cobweb can be a lot of trouble. They can make your living area look really unclean. They can be cause of lot of diseases and, we are here to offer you high-level cleaning services that involve cleaning the roof and wall cladding. We will help you to get rid of all the dust from your home. We use unique accessories in providing you with the required services.

Why choose our services?

With our services, you will easily be able to get the desired price for your home. We are known for our transparency, quality of service and the ethics we follow. We take the help of some best forms of technologies to offer superior services to the customers. Our team comprises some of the best professionals in their respective fields. We believe in the best quality services and commitment. You can completely trust us with your property and we will take your job extremely seriously. Our team will help you to overcome all the obstacles and find exceptional solutions for them. This is what makes us the best property management company around you. 

So, get in touch with Unicare today itself and avail excellent services at pocket-friendly prices.

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