New Dentures? Here Are Simple Tips To Get Used to Eating

Generally, getting along with your day-to-day activities with a new set of teeth in the form of dentures can be a very new experience and will require some time getting used to eating with them.

While the new dentures set in, it’s normal to experience excess saliva secretions during the adjustment phase. Your facial muscles, lips, and tongue, too, are getting used to the new set of teeth.


So the next time you get new dentures from any Brookfield dental care, here are a few pointers that will help make the transition more smooth and comfortable.


  1. Start with Soft Foods: Foods like eggs, cooked cereals, oatmeal, puddings, etc., don’t put much pressure on the gums, jaw, or dentures, plus they are nutritious, thereby not compromising on the intake of nutrients. 


  1. Avoid Hot Foods: Since the dentures are insulators, you cannot judge the temperature of the food item; hence test the temperature on the lip first to avoid burning the mouth.


  1. Avoid Spicy and Sticky Foods: While getting used to the new set of pearly whites, a minor soreness in the gums may be expected, and therefore, the consumption of spicy foods could cause further irritation and sting. On the other hand, sticky foods could get lodged between your dentures and gum that could lead to infection and irritation.


  1. Eat Smaller Bites: In order to make chewing easier, cut foods into smaller bite-size pieces.


  1. Chew Slowly and Evenly: With getting the new dentures, food must be chewed slowly and thoroughly and on both sides of the mouth. Chewing only on one side could make the denture slip out of place.


  1. Beware of Tough Foods: Food like red meat could be hard to chew; therefore, substitute it with another softer source of protein or make sure that the meat is slow-cooked and is tender. Avoid foods like crackers, hard vegetables and fruits as well.


  1. Drink Fluids While Eating: To ensure that no food particle(s) gets stuck or left behind in the mouth, drink fluids in between bites. Do not, however, hold liquids in your mouth as it can loosen the dentures from the gum.
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